Your Cheat Sheet to LeBron James Free Agency News

It’s a lazy week on Wall Street. Most financiers and traders are already gone on vacation. And most of those who remain tethered to their desk are either watching the World Cup or Wimbledon, trying to make a buck in low volume markets, or hoping to figure out where LeBron James will end up now that free agency season starts at midnight tonight.

If your in the latter camp, here is your Cheat Sheet to the current LeBron James free agency news:

  • Cleveland Cavs: Ace Cavs reporter Brian Windhorst puts the odds at 50/50 for Cleveland to keep their anchor star. One thing is for sure: after Cleveland took a huge hit during this recession, losing LeBron will not bode well for business. Cavs fans can keep track via the LeBron-O-Meter to the left.
  • New Jersey Nets: While I worked at boutique sports investment bank Inner Circle Sports, I pitched the idea to bring Jay-Z in as an owner for the New Jersey Nets team being relocated to Brooklyn. The synergy has been a success, and now Jay-Z is pitching LeBron to join the party. Although Jay-Z and the Brooklyn sports history are huge pluses for friend LeBron, the Nets aren’t exactly immediate contenders for the title LeBron desires.
  • Chicago Bulls: Derek Rose may very well have Chris Bosh on his squad on July 1st. Could this combo tempt LeBron to make the first title run since Michael Jordan? Maybe. But if LeBron ends up in the Windy City, King James will spend the rest of his career trying to differentiate himself from Air Jordan.
  • New York Knicks: There is no better place for a King than NYC. And even the ladies have offered to take care of LeBron for free if he reigns over Madison Square Garden. No matter what logic dictates, it will take a lot of sweeteners to keep LeBron’s ego from choosing a place he can listen to “Empire State of Mind” and know the song is truly about him.
  • Miami Heat: Can Dwayne Wade and LeBron co-exist? Will Wade even be in Miami? Right now the Heat seem to have a lot of unanswered questions, and I bet LeBron is looking for answers.
  • Who the Hell Knows: Yeah, I left out the LA Clippers. I think LeBron will too. And then there’s the chance LeBron will shock the world and end up on a team which wasn’t a top suitor. As Kevin Garnett says, “Anything is possibllllllllllllllllle!”

Although no one knows which LeBron jersey will be the best seller this holiday season, the real winners are the sponsors which rake in the loot no matter where the King resides.