Your Cheat Sheet to Saving Thousands on College Costs

College is expensive. Even those who attempt to save money by living off-campus and attending an in-state institution face extremely high costs. For tuition and fees alone, an in-state resident is looking at close to $9,000 per year. At a private college, the cost can get up into the $30,000 or $40,000 range.

Books are another astronomical cost. New editions are published regularly, making it difficult for students to gain significant resale value from textbooks. It seems as though college students have costs coming from all directions, making it exceedingly difficult to get through college without student loans.

College students can benefit from a few money saving tricks. If the goal is to obtain a college education, for the lowest cost possible, there are a several strategies to help achieve this. Check out this infographic, which provides a few tips on how to save.

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