Your Cheat Sheet to This Year’s Barron’s Roundtable

Over the weekend, Barron’s published the first release of its traditional Barron’s Roundtable, featuring 10 of the top economic and financial minds in the world:

  • ARCHIE MacALLASTER, Chairman, MacAllaster Pitfield MacKay, New York
  • FRED HICKEY, Editor, The High-Tech Strategist, Nashua, N.H.
  • SCOTT BLACK, Founder and president, Delphi Management, Boston, Mass.
  • BILL GROSS, Founder and co-chief investment officer, Pimco, Newport Beach, Calif.
  • MARC FABER, Managing director, Marc Faber Ltd., Hong Kong
  • ABBY JOSEPH COHEN, Senior investment strategist and president, Global Markets Institute, Goldman Sachs, New York
  • OSCAR SCHAFER, Managing partner, O.S.S. Capital Management, New York
  • MARIO GABELLI, Chairman, Gamco Investors, Rye, New York
  • FELIX ZULAUF, Owner and president, Zulauf Asset Management, Zug, Switzerland
  • MERYL WITMER, General partner, Eagle Capital Partners, New York
  • Zulauf: “In natural resources, I like the Oil Service Holdrs Trust, or (NYSE:OIH), and the SPDR S&P Metals and MiningTrust (NYSE:XME). In emerging markets, I like the iShares MSCI Emerging Markets Index (NYSE:EEM), iShares MSCI Hong Kong Index (NYSE:EWH), iShares MSCI Singapore Index (NYSE:EWS) and iShares MSCI Taiwan Index (NYSE:EWT). Brazil and Canada also are good buys, because of their natural-resources base. The iShares MSCI Brazil Index (NYSE:EWZ) tracks Brazil, and the iShares MSCI Canada Index (NYSE:EWC) is a good bet on Canada…I own a lot of physical gold, but the gold ETF, SPDR Gold Trust (NYSE:GLD), is a good instrument for American investors.”

    Gabelli likes National Fuel Gas (NYSE:NFG) saying, “is a wonderful play on technology uncovering a valuable asset…I am focusing on Federal Mogul (NASDAQ:FDML)…Millicom International Cellular (NASDAQ:MICC) is a cheap company that participates in the growth of emerging markets.” Gabelli is also bullish on Legg Mason (NYSE:LM), Cablevision (NYSE:CVC), Viacom (NYSE:VIA.B), Griffon (NYSE:GFF) and Hawk (NASDAQ:HAWK).

    Stay tuned for more of the Roundtable’s pundit picks for 2011 …

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