Zappos Still Saying No to Foreign Customers

Days after Zappos — owned by (NASDAQ:AMZN) — announced it had been hacked and the information of 24 million users had been breached, the firm continues to prohibit customers from outside the U.S. to access to

All Zappos users were instructed by email to select new passwords on the site. However, according to Forbes, international users who tried to reset their passwords found a message that said “We are so sorry–we are not accepting international traffic.”

Zappos has offerend no explanation as to why it has blocked international users, but a Forbes report said one Zappos customer service representative apologized in a tweet for the
inconvenience and said that service is now reestablished in the United Kingdom and was
“rolling out to other locations.”

Zappos and Amazon are reportedly already facing one lawsuit from a customer over the hacking incident. According to CEO Tony Hsieh’s announcement about the breach on Sunday, although no full credit card numbers were revealed, the hackers gained access to names, email addresses, postal addresses, the last four numbers of users’ credit cards and encrypted passwords.