5 Ideal Jobs for Retirees

Source: Thinkstock

Source: Thinkstock

Retirement used to be synonymous with ending a career and, usually, with no longer working at all. However, recently more Americans are choosing to keep working after retirement. According to Bankrate, three quarters of Americans expect to work after retirement. Of the 75 percent who plan to keep working as long as possible, 39 percent plan to keep working because they like work; 32 percent plan to keep working because they need the money, and a few others plan to keep working for both reasons.

Because more Americans need the money or simply like their jobs, they are staying at their current jobs longer and avoiding complete retirement as long as possible. Others are leaving their stressful full-time jobs but choosing to work part-time to make a little money or just have something interesting to do. There are several types of jobs that are ideal for retirees, including the following five.

1. Consider staying at your same company

There are many crucial points to consider when planning for retirement, and hopefully whether or not you plan to keep working is something you have already thought of. If you enjoy your job, and the pay is worth it, you might want to look into working part-time in your same job, or at least within your company. Most companies want to retain good employees, so if you have been a loyal, hard-working employee, you might be able to work out a part-time plan with your boss. You could simply slash your hours but keep your same title. You also might be able to arrange a way to telecommute and only actually come into work occasionally. If you enjoy your job, it’s at least worth asking.