5 Things You Should Never Say to Your Boss

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Having a pleasant relationship with your boss is central to keeping your job — most bosses won’t put up with laziness, incompetence, or rudeness. Still, while inconsistencies or lack of skills may prevent you from getting a raise, certain statements may actually get you fired, or at least in big trouble.

Since you are a subordinate, you have to show a certain level of respect. Some people have a very friendly relationship with their boss that even includes teasing or swapping stories, but most bosses have a limit, after which they won’t look kindly on something you said. The line can be particularly difficult to determine if you do have a close relationship: You might think you are just joking around, but suddenly your boss is furious. Whether you’re constantly scared of your boss or you feel like old pals, there are several things you should always avoid saying.

1. Never threaten to find another job

If you genuinely have the kind of relationship with your boss in which you can talk about almost anything and you feel like you are friends, you might be able to put feelers out to determine whether you could indicate that you are looking for another job. However, this isn’t highly recommended. Some bosses understand that a particular employee is overqualified or ready to move on from a certain position. Especially if you want to move up in the same company, you can probably talk to your boss about this at an appropriate time.

However, you should never threaten to leave your company in anger or as a negotiation tactic. If you really want to negotiate a raise, wait until you actually have an offer from another company. Threatening to leave will only add to your chances of getting fired.