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Source: Thinkstock

Source: Thinkstock

If there were any doubts as to Senator John Cornyn’s place in the upcoming Texas primaries, his concise — not to mention expensive — campaign against Representative Steve Stockman, whose chances against the incumbent were not exactly steller to begin with, helped to settle any questions on who the state’s leading candidate is. Stockman (R-Texas) had a number of things counting against him to begin with — his lackluster fundraising, lack of organization, and general political extremism.

We are proud of our steady, strong support from across Texas, and the campaign will have no shortage of resources as Senator Cornyn works to unite our coalition and expand the party heading into November,” said Brendan Steinhauser, campaign manager to Cornyn, according to The Washington Examiner. The closest Republican competitor after Stockman is Dwayne Stoval. However, he poses no real threat to Cornyn.

More of a concern for Cornyn is the Democratic opponent, David Alameel, and under him, Democratic candidate Kesha Rogers. Much in line with Democrat’s overall election strategy, Alameel is appealing to Texans as a man who understands the plight of the poor. “It’s because I’m very very passionate about the working family,” said Alameel on why he’s running, according to KUT News. “I myself started out very, very poor, and I was working for a living at very, very low pay for half of my life,” he said in what sounds like a plug for the minimum wage increase. “I don’t forget how poor we were. And how important it is to have a good job, good education, to be able to have that opportunity to achieve the American dream the way I did.”

Rogers, who is far behind Alameel, lacks some of the support Alameel has from the Democratic party. This is hardly surprising given her own lack of support for the Democratic party in her turn, as she is presently still campaigning in favor of President Barack Obama’s impeachment. Her position is unique, though again, drawing from recent polls, it focuses on water protection policy in the face of droughts being seen in Texas.

Politico’s May poll on the Texas primary candidates put Alameel at the top of her party with 47.1 percent, compared to Rogers’ 21.7 percent, with tweeted votes totally of 507,012 tweets. Republicans had a total of 1,310,351 tweets, unsurprisingly a much better turnout, with 59.4 percent pro-Cornyn, and 19.1 percent for Stockman. Under Stockman is Stovall at 10.7 percent, and five others received votes under 5 percent each. There has been a considerable amount of talk about Texas going blue — much of it relating to its immigrant population of voters, and with an organization called “Battleground Texas,” created back in 2013 for just that purpose. However, it seems that Texas likely won’t be going that way for this election unless Alameel picks up some serious steam before voting day.

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