Despite Controversies, Democrats Love Hillary

 Steve Pope/Getty Images

Steve Pope/Getty Images

Without even announcing her presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton is continuing to dominate the polls for Democratic nominee. Despite the recent email and donation controversies, new numbers from Gallup show that her party loves her even more than they did during the 2008 campaign when she was also a frontrunner.

Clinton’s net favorability is +66, exceeding the +58 she saw in 2007. And she’s facing less competition within her own party than she did in 2008. According to Gallup, Clinton’s net favorability resembles that of then-candidate Al Gore early in the 2000 presidential campaign.

And not only is it important that voters like a candidate, it’s important that they know who she is. Perhaps this is why Clinton is receiving so much love as a potential candidate: Democrats know who they’re getting. Clinton has no problem in the familiarity competition, as 92% of Democrats said they know her well enough to have an opinion of her, while only 81% said the same about Joe Biden, the current vice president of the country. Trailing behind, only 46% of Democrats felt familiar with Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), who is often brought up as a potential candidate though she has said she isn’t running. Gallup notes that this level of familiarity is similar to her 96% familiarity before the 2008 campaign as well as to Gore’s 93% in early 1999.

Not everyone loves Hillary

While Gallup’s poll shows that Clinton is killing it with Dems, other data tells a different story. According to a new CBS poll, more Americans have an unfavorable opinion of Clinton than a favorable one. Her favorability dropped 12 points since November 2013 in this poll — perhaps in light of the recent email controversy.

The poll showed that 26% of respondents held a favorable opinion of Clinton, while 37% did not. Another 19% were undecided, and 17% said they hadn’t heard enough. The poll showed that Republicans negative views of Clinton are continuing to rise, as 72% of respondents who identified as Republican hold an unfavorable view of her now, compared to 60% almost two years ago.

The CBS poll asked respondents to evaluate Clinton on some characteristics, for which she received both positive and negative results. Only 42% said she is honest and trustworthy, while 47% said she wasn’t. But she scored higher on leadership, with 57% saying she has strong qualities of leadership, and only 38% disagreeing. More than half of those polled — 56% — said they thought Clinton cares about the needs and problems of people like themselves.

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