Euroscepticism: Britain Demands Change From EU


Britain’s conservative right is acting on strong euroscepticism with the Finance Minister George Osborne notifying the European Union that its treaties need to be modified for the sake of those countries in the EU that are not attached to the euro currency. Britain’s insistence on modification has created friction among countries such as Brussels that are desirous of unity but are fed up with Britain’s resistance to certain policies.

According to Reuters, Jose Manuel Barroso, president of the European Commission, has said that Britain and nations with similar views have a “narrow, chauvinistic idea of the protection” of their own concerns. Reuters points to this as evidence that Britain may not have many on its side, and as a result, may have a difficult time affecting change.

“Proper legal protection for the rights of non-euro members is absolutely necessary to preserve the single market and make it possible for Britain to remain in the EU. If we cannot protect the collective interests of non-euro zone members states then they will have to choose between joining the euro, which the UK will not do, or leaving the EU,” said Osborne, according to Reuters.

The UK Independence Party is a far right group in Britain that hopes to have the country leave the EU, and its a party that may gain ground in elections in Parliament. Prime Minister David Cameron pledged to during his re-election campaign for 2015 to reform Britain’s relationship with the EU.

Recently, he said that those governing treaties within the EU that lay down rules for the organizations functioning were “not fit for purpose” and needed editing — as reported by Reuters. Osborne said that both he and Cameron would be following through with their commitment to the electorate. “Our determination is clear: to deliver the reform and then let the people decide,” said Osborne, according to Reuters.

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