What Areas of America Will Suffer Most From Climate Change?

Where do you live in the United States? New York? California? Florida? Wherever you may have your roots, the newest report from the U.S. Global Change Research Program — the 2014 National Climate Assessment — has bad news for you. By taking a look at specific regions, the report highlights the changes expected and already being felt on a much more personal level. There’s a difference between looking at photos of the polar ice caps melting and actually considering how your own region may be changing or may change in the future.

Of course, born of fear and an innate tendency for comparison, it seems logical to ask next, “Who is going to suffer the most?” There isn’t a simple answer to that question, but there are clear areas that will have bigger problems sooner — but more on that later.

The report as a whole also explains overall and nationally relevant changes. It projects for changes in average annual temperatures expected, changes in precipitation, and retroactively notes the temperature changes as seen in the last 22 years nationwide and broken down into regions — shown below.