This Is Who Was Responsible for the Scaramucci Post’s Holocaust Tweet

Anthony Scaramucci’s media company The Scaramucci Post put up a Twitter poll on Tuesday that called into question how many Jews died in the Holocaust, and the person responsible for the tweet has now been identified.

The official Scaramucci Post Twitter account said in a tweet on Tuesday that Lance Laifer was responsible and that he put up the Holocaust poll without consulting Anthony Scaramucci. Laifer also said in another tweet that he apologizes “if anyone was offended” for the poll.

Lance Laifer is a 52-year-old hedge fund manager, according to Bloomberg. He is the founder of a pay-for-click web search engine called Bay9 Inc., he runs Old Forge Media, and he also works at a investment advisory firm. In 2016, GQ interviewed him and referred to him as a social media maestro who ran Taye Diggs’ Twitter account, being behind the strategy of having Diggs follow as many people as possible. For the GQ interview, when asked what it is he does, Laifer said that he tries “to synthesize social media management with business plans.”

Laifer also received publicity in 2007 when he made it his mission to raise as much money as possible for malaria research.

“One of the lessons from the Holocaust was not to allow preventable deaths,” he told The New York Times in 2007. “We can stomach this because it doesn’t happen to our neighbors, to our kids.”

Laifer founded Hedge Funds Vs. Malaria, an organization with the goal of raising money for malaria research, and he advertises this organization on his Twitter account that was mentioned in the Scaramucci Post tweet today.

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Anthony Scaramucci at the White House press briefing. | Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Last month, former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci launched something called the Scaramucci Post. He never really clearly defined what this would be, but in recent weeks, it has mainly been a Twitter account that shares news from other sources and posts polls, some of which are somewhat sarcastic. Most of these polls are opinion based, like “Do you want Hillary Clinton to run again in 2020,” “Who is going to win the World Series,” and “Do you support a first strike with nuclear weapons on N. Korea.”

So when the Scaramucci Post put up a tweet asking how many Jews were killed in the Holocaust, this seemed to imply that the death toll is a matter of opinion and debate and that it’s possible that less than one million Jews were killed. In a subsequent tweet, the Scaramucci Post said that the point of the poll was to highlight “ignorance of the basic facts of the Holocaust,” and so they are claiming it was meant to be a quiz to see how many Twitter followers knew that the correct answer is six million. But this is certainly not how it came across, especially not after a string of polls from the account that were all opinion based.

Anthony Scaramucci was sharply criticized for this tweet, including by the Anti-Defamation League, which noted that the question of how many Jews were killed in the Holocaust has been resolved. The phrase “Holocaust” also began trending on Twitter because of this tweet.