7 NFL Player Logos: Are They An Accurate Representation?

Odell Beckham Jr. logo

Brandon Hubschman/NFL Memes/DailySnark

Despite being arguably the most popular sport in the country, not all NFL players are easily recognizable. That’s not to say that fans don’t know the faces that make up their favorite team or the mugs of the game’s elite athletes, but in a league where players sport helmets that cover their faces, it’s easy to see why the brand of the National Football League is bigger than any single player.

The NFL is a massive entity — a powerful organization with massive reach, crazy control, and more dollars than it knows what to do with. That’s the strength that comes with those three little letters. And we as fans love our football. But the truth is, while we love this sport, we also know who’s deserving of our true devotion: the players. The ones who strap up and take the field every Sunday. The ones who lay their bodies on the line. The ones who fight for that last inch. We cheer for them. They are the league. So isn’t it about high time these warriors get their own distinguishing marks of valor; their own perfectly branded logos?

Fortunately for us, the duo behind NFL Memes — Brandon Hubschman and partner Weis Karzai — decided to take matters into their own hands and create logos for some of the NFL’s biggest stars over on the DailySnark. What these graphic artists did was cool, creative, detailed, and super awesome. So much thought went into each and every design that we had a hard time determining which ones were our favorite. Yet while we found ourselves finding great qualities in each piece, we were drawn to a few logos in particular.

With that in mind, here’s a look at seven epic logos for the NFL’s biggest stars.

1. J.J. Watt

J.J. Watt logo

Brandon Hubschman/NFL Memes/DailySnark

There aren’t enough superlatives to adequately describe J.J. Watt, who is hands down the most dominant force in the National Football League. After all, it’s not everyday you come across a massive defensive end, with the ability to bat down passes, notch 20 sacks in a single season, and catch touchdown passes. As the Houston Texans well know, Watt is first and foremost a football player. And like the player himself, this logo is simple, strong, and straight to the point. Not only does this symbol form the All-Pro’s number — 99 — but its also made up of double “J’s.” A number and a name. Just how J.J. Watt would want it.

2. Calvin Johnson

Calvin Johnson logo

Brandon Hubschman/NFL Memes/DailySnark

It makes sense to go from the most imposing player on the defensive side of the ball to the scariest player on the offensive side. Detroit Lions receiver Calvin Johnson is 6-foot-5, 236 pounds of pure freak. He’s big, he’s strong, he can’t be covered. It’s for these reasons — and many more — that the five-time Pro Bowler was nicknamed Megatron. It was a smart play by Hubschman to craft a logo around this moniker, by embedding the “C” and “J” letters, along with Johnson’s No. 81. Like the wideout himself, these piece of art cannot be stopped.

3. Richard Sherman

Richard Sherman logo

Brandon Hubschman/NFL Memes/DailySnark.

When you’re confident and talented, you tend to get people’s attention. That’s what Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman does on and off the field, and that’s what this logo represents. The beautifully stylish pattern outlines the superstar’s initials “RS”, while simultaneously weaving it’s way into his No. 25 jersey number. To cap off an already sweet logo, Hubschman made sure the top of the “S” — or “5″ depending on how you look at it — extended into a super fierce-looking Seahawk. Like Sherman himself, this logo has all its bases covered.

4. Tom Brady

Tom Brady logo

Brandon Hubschman/NFL Memes/DailySnark

Forget the Deflategate scandal for a second and simply acknowledge a logo that earnestly exemplifies one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history. Tom Brady’s initials “TB” are perfectly outlined and, at the same time, they form a super sleek No. 12. Along with the cool design, we thoroughly respect the use of negative space and how it incorporates the laces — an homage to Brady’s position on the gridiron — into the logo itself. Throw in the fact that the four laces are used to represent the QB’s four Super Bowl titles and it’s clear no expenses were spared when crafting this masterpiece.

5. Marshawn Lynch

Marshawn Lynch logo

Brandon Hubschman/NFL Memes/DailySnark


Marshawn Lynch is a one-of-kind player who deserves a one-of-kind logo. In this creation, he gets that and more. Your attention is first draw to the massive “B” of the Beast Mode. Yet, upon further review, you’ll see there’s much more to this shield than just it. The “B” is crisply cut and colored to form the “M” and “L” of Marshawn Lynch. Smart, unique, and bold. Good luck trying to tackle this logo by yourself.

6. Dez Bryant

Dez Bryant logo

Brandon Hubschman/NFL Memes/DailySnark

The Dallas Cowboys were extremely fortunate to work out a new deal with superstar Dez Bryant. Not only is he a top-5 wide receiver, but his ability to make big players is nearly unrivaled. He’s so talented, and such a dangerous weapon, that he even has his own touchdown symbol. The above logo helps bring that to life. The pattern is made up of two intertwined 8’s to form Bryant’s 88 jersey, but they are also interwoven to form the perfect “X.” Let’s just say if Bryant is making that gesture, you know something big has happened — sometimes even more impressive than TDs.

7. Aaron Rodgers

Source: Brandon Hubschman/NFL Memes/DailySnark

Brandon Hubschman/NFL Memes/DailySnark

Last season, Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers picked up his second-career MVP award. And when you reach that sort of milestone, you get rewarded with the most epic of all personalized logos. Using Packers green and gold, Hubschman immortalized the heralded gunslinger with a fluid “R” composed of his jersey No. 12. The finishing touch on this piece, is the underlining mustache — which the quarterback brings out once the weather turns cold — accented with cheese marks. For a city that loves its team and quarterback, this logo is just the right amount of cheddar.

 All statistics are courtesy of Pro-Football-Reference.com and ESPN.go.com.

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