9 Things Derek Jeter Said at His Retirement Press Conference

New York Yankees, Derek Jeter

New York Yankees short stop and Hall-Of-Fame shoe-in Derek Jeter recently announced that he would be retiring after the 2014 MLB season. This past week, he held a press conference to talk about it, which was broadcast and streamed live by YES Televison. Here are nine things that stood out to us.

1. It was his idea to use Facebook, and he did, in fact, write the announcement

He said that he had tried to get hold of Hal Steinbrenner earlier in the week, but that he had initially been unable to. After reaching him again in the morning, Steinbrenner suggested that Jeets let the rest of the world know however he saw fit. Voilà, the Facebook message. Jeter had said earlier in the conference that he had, in fact, written the entire note himself, and that he “could have wrote three or four more pages.”

2. It was a well-covered event

3. Despite being a retirement press conference, Jeter was adamant that it wasn’t really a retirement press conference

“This isn’t a retirement press conference. I still have a season to play,” said Jeter, moments after expressing how hard it was to come to the stadium every day knowing he wasn’t going to play in 2013 (and, presumably, 2012.)

Source: Keith Allison / Flickr

Source: Keith Allison / Flickr

4. He has a sense of humor

Also: “[players] hate spring training. We can’t wait until it’s over.” Plus: ”I have feelings. I’m not emotionally stunted.”

5. He’s not planning on working with the Yankees after he hangs up his glove

At least, not as a special instructor. There was no mention of future mascot duties, charity appearances, or calendar modeling.

6. Hal Steinbrenner didn’t try to talk him out of it

I respect when an individual makes a decision like this because I know how much time and thought they put into it and it’s not my place to second guess, so to speak,” said Steinbrenner. “Obviously, I expressed everything he’s done with the organization and the family and how close he is to us and all that as well.”

7. He thinks he could play for another year

But that the timing is right to leave the league now.

8. He’s not sure what his legacy will be, since, per #2, this isn’t actually a retirement press conference

Even though it totally was. Jeter also said that whatever his legacy, “being a Yankee is good enough for me.”

9. First and foremost, he wants to be known as a Yankee

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