11 Big-Name NBA Players Who Are in for a Major Pay Raise This Offseason

Stephen Curry is money | Jason Miller/Getty Images

There’s nothing wrong with arguing that athletes get paid way too much money. Any reasonable person should understand this particular point of view. Here are a group of individuals, who spend their time playing a game, who have the opportunity to make more money than most people will see in a lifetime — for playing a game. Go figure.

If you’re among those who feel this way, we have news for you — things are not going to change. In fact, due to new television deals and ever-increasing salary caps, it will only get worse. Players already making ridiculous amounts of money — by everyday standards — are about to cash in even more. And in the National Basketball Association, we’ll see this occur as soon as the summer of 2017.

There’s still plenty of games left to be played in the 2016–17 season, yet we can’t help but look to the upcoming offseason — especially when bundles and bundles of dollar bills are at stake. This summer, many of the game’s top players will enter free agency with a chance to significantly add to their bank accounts. The way we see it, these 11 individuals are on the precipice of a serious pay raise.

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