Donald Trump “Takes Over” 7 Funny NFL Team Logos

Miami Dolphins logo as Trump

Source: Uproxx

There are some things in this world that simply “take over.” In the world of sports, the NFL falls into that category. In the world of politics, believe it or not, this concept is now best represented by Donald Trump. We guess the only sensible thing to do is combine the two and hope for the best. Can you imagine that? Well, thanks to the work of talented graphic artist David Rappoccio, you can. In an attempt to make the NFL “great again,” Rappoccio redesigned every team’s logo as The Donald. And, quite frankly, he nailed it. While all the pieces in the collection are fantastic, these are the seven designs that command our attention the most.

1. Green Bay Packers

Green Bay Packers logo as Donald Trump

Source: Uproxx

The “G” of the Green Bay Packers is absolutely timeless. The same can be said about Donald Trump’s signature flow. It seems like a waste of iconic symbols not to show some love to a logo that pays such a fitting tribute. On a more serious note, how great would it be to see The Donald do the Lambeau Leap. Can someone please make that happen?

2. Chicago Bears

Bears logo as Trump

Source: Uproxx

We have to believe that Donald Trump is making this particular face because he just saw Jay Cutler throw an errant pass. However, even if that’s not the case, the combination of flowing hair, Bear ears, and that “confused” expression is simply too good not to showcase. The Chicago Bears have themselves a real winner right here.

3. New England Patriots

Patriots as Trump

Source: Uproxx

Given the fascinating, albeit strange, friendship between Donald Trump and New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, we knew this logo had to be shared. Plus, are we crazy to think Donald Trump kind of resembles Pats owner Robert Kraft in this design? Either way, the real question is, will Brady endorse this wonderful piece of artwork?

4. Cincinnati Bengals

Bengals logo as Trump

Source: Uproxx

Aside from looking like Donald Trump just visited a local carnival to get his face painted, we think the smug expression ties in perfectly with the way this 2015 NFL season has gone for the Cincinnati Bengals and their devoted fanbase. We just wonder if this expression will change should QB Andy Dalton not return from the unfortunate injury he suffered in Week 14.

5. Oakland Raiders

Raiders logo as Trump

Source: Uproxx

The Oakland Raiders are doing well enough in the standings this season that we don’t believe The Donald would need to use his famous catchphrase on anyone inside the organization. Yet, the way we see it, turning Trump into a pirate is just good business. Anyone disagree?

6. Atlanta Falcons

Falcons logo as Trump

Source: Uproxx

The feathers on the Atlanta Falcons shield make the perfect hairpiece for this particular design. They have so much body; they’re so full of life. Not that we’re saying Trump’s actual hairstyle is any different. We’re just, you know, making an observation.

7. Washington Redskins

Redskins logo as Trump

Source: Uproxx

We feel like this one warrants no explanation. Donald Trump and Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder are simply two peas in a pod. The proof is in the logo.

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