NBA: The 5 Worst Uniforms of the 1990s

New Jerseys Nets players react during a game against the Lakers.

New Jerseys Nets players wore some of the ugliest uniforms of the ’90s. | Elsa/Getty Images

Aside from a handful of poor uniform decisions, the NBA has a history of being on the right side of fashion. But history is a funny thing, and if you go back far enough — to a time we like to call “the 1990s” — you can learn the story of an organization that was so out of whack, it considered such a drastic change to its identity that the league, its teams, and more importantly, the uniforms, would never be the same.

Thanks to an especially entertaining piece by ESPN’s Zach Lowe, we got an inside look at something most NBA fans probably don’t remember: when the then-New Jersey Nets tried to become the New Jersey Swamp Dragons. And if you think it’s as absurd as it sounds, you’d be correct. Actually, it goes beyond even our wildest imagination.

After reading this piece, we were reminded just how crazy the NBA was in the ’90s. On top of that, we saw how just awful the Swamp Dragons uniforms were going to be. And in honor of that particular awfulness, we decided to take a trip down memory lane; to a period in time when the NBA made some pretty poor fashion decisions. As far as terrible uniforms are concerned, these five designs take the cake.