NFL: The 7 Worst Quarterbacks Set to Start in 2014

Source: AJ Guel Photography, Flickr

7. Matt Schaub, Oakland Raiders

Matt Schaub, pictured above (right) during his tenure with the Houston Texans, went through one of the most depressing regressions ever last season, but we’ll get to that in a second. Schaub, who was drafted in the third round with the 90th pick in 2004 by the Atlanta Falcons, spent three seasons in the ATL before heading to the Houston Texans where he was a game manager in the classic mold, being counted on to deliver accurate passes to Andre Johnson and handing it off to Arian Foster. Schaub also holds every passing record in Texans history, which is less impressive when you consider that the Texans were inducted into the NFL as an expansion team in 2002.

Anyway, Schaub competently guided the team to a 12-4 record and a playoff appearance in 2012, and spirits were high heading into the 2013 season. Spirits were still high early on when the Texans started with back-to-back wins. They proceeded to lose every single game after that, as Schaub put together one of the worst single season slides during his 10 games with the team last year. He signed with Oakland in the offseason, so we’ll see if this was a fluke or if the Monstars really did steal his mojo.

6. Carson Palmer, Arizona Cardinals

Unlike Schaub, sports fans can pinpoint exactly when Carson Palmer lost it — it was during the 2005 Wild Card game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Palmer, who had his career eulogized brilliantly in a 2013 piece by Bill Barnwell, never came back the same from that injury, and remains one of the great what if stories of the modern day NFL. Now he’s wasting away on a Cardinals squad that still doesn’t have a passable offensive line, and the world is worse for it.