NFL: These Are the Most Overrated Quarterbacks in 2018

Playing quarterback in the NFL is probably the most high-profile job in sports, which makes sense. Football is the most popular sport in the United States, quarterback is the most important position, and QBs are the highest-paid NFL players year in and year out.

Being an NFL quarterback isn’t easy, but some players are still overrated. | Al Bello/Getty Images

Being a professional QB comes with a lot of pressure. You’re usually the most high-profile player on the team and the de facto leader. Win big, and people heap praise upon you (look at Patrick Mahomes). Lose, and you’re the goat (not the G.O.A.T., greatest of all time).

What we’re saying is, making it to the NFL is tough, and succeeding is even more challenging. It takes talent to reach the NFL, but fellow players say these guys are the NFL’s most overrated quarterbacks.

The NFL’s Most Overrated Quarterbacks in 2018

During the 2017 season, ESPN asked active NFL players about QBs, including who the most overrated quarterbacks are. We’ll include a few of those guys, plus a couple more who we think deserve the overrated tag.

Sam Bradford, Arizona Cardinals

We know Bradford’s injury history hasn’t made things easy for him, but even when he’s healthy, he’s just an average quarterback. He’s never led a team to the playoffs. He’s thrown for 20 or more touchdowns only twice (and 20 isn’t an overwhelming TD total the NFL), but he’s thrown double-digit interceptions three times. In 80 regular-season starts, he’s won just 34 games. Despite that, the Cardinals handed him a $20 million contract for 2018.

Joe Flacco, Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens will only go as far as Joe Flacco takes them, which probably isn’t far. | Patrick Smith/Getty Images

We don’t have to spend too much time discussing why Flacco is overrated, but here’s the short version. He had solid-but-unspectacular 2012 season, was outstanding in the playoffs (11 TDs, zero interceptions, Super Bowl title), and cashed in with a huge new contract. Since then, he’s been average in the regular season and helped the Ravens reach the playoffs just once, in 2014.

Andrew Luck, Indianapolis Colts

Like Bradford, it’s been tough for Luck to stay on the field because of injuries. Shoulder ailments cost him nine games in 2015 and the entire 2017 season. Even when he’s healthy, Luck is barely above average and not the savior he’s made out to be. He’s never had a total QB rating higher than 66 on a 100-point scale, and his career completion rate is under 60%.

It’s fair to say the Colts’ terrible offensive line contributes to the team wasting Luck’s prime, but the team is wasting its time with one of the league’s most overrated quarterbacks.

Eli Manning, New York Giants

NFL overrated quarterbacks

Eli Manning is overrated despite the Super Bowl titles. | Rob Carr/Getty Images

Manning was the No. 1 overrated quarterback in the ESPN player poll, despite his two Super Bowl titles with the team. In both cases, the Giants were among the worst teams to win a Super Bowl. Manning’s career record is barely over .500 (111-103), and his touchdown to interception ratio is a very pedestrian 1.4-1. He doesn’t do enough to win games, which is why he is one of the most overrated quarterbacks in the NFL.

Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys

Prescott’s wonderful 2016 rookie season had us all saying he’d easily crush Tony Romo’s franchise legacy. His sophomore campaign, when he played more like the fourth-round draft pick he was rather than the franchise savior everyone made him out to be, showed he’s one of the leagues’ most overrated quarterbacks.

Prescott’s completion percentage dipped five points in 2017, and his interception total tripled even though he had similar attempt and completion numbers. Not having Ezekiel Elliott (suspension) for six games in 2017 didn’t help, and 2018 is going to be similar. The Cowboys lost starting center Travis Frederick for the year to an autoimmune disease, which totally changes the complexion of their top-notch offensive line.

Matthew Stafford, Detroit Lions

Matthew Stafford

Matthew Stafford is one of the NFL’s overrated quarterbacks. | Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Detroit’s franchise history is a little light on stud QBs, so Stafford looks like a savior compared to what came before him. The truth is, he’s one of the most overrated quarterbacks in football. Yes, the Lions haven’t had a decent running back since Reggie Bush, and Calvin Johnson’s abrupt retirement decimated the passing game, but Stafford is overhyped. Football is the ultimate team game, but Stafford is winless in the playoffs (0-3), and his record against winning teams is dreadful.

Jameis Winston, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

We understand giving a high draft pick every chance to succeed, but it’s time we tell the truth about Jameis Winston: He’s totally overrated. His QBR rating has decreased every season since his 2015 rookie year, while his fumbles increased from six to 10 to 15 in 2017. His off-the-field transgressions make him one of the most disliked NFL players among fans. So he’s overrated, and he’s hated. That’s not a good combination.

All player stats from Pro Football Reference.

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