The 5 Best Mashups of NFL and MLB Team Logos

Seattle Seahawks and Seattle Marines logo mashup

Source: Brandon Hubschman/NFL Memes/DailySnark

Whether you find yourself a fan of one pro sport over another, it’s hard not to appreciate the effort that goes into all of the games. From an athletic standpoint, it’s clear these individuals are on a completely different level than the rest of the population. We recognize this. In fact, the only thing more recognizable is the logo of the team they play for.

If you know your sports, there’s also a good chance you’ll be more likely to be able to pick out an organization’s shield more than you will the majority of the players that make up the team. A club’s logo is a symbol; a pure representation of a team that has played for its city in the past, plays for it now and, hopefully, will continue to play for it in the future. There is a certain level of connection between fans and franchises — the logo is how you show it. And as such, you can also find a connection between logos of different professional leagues; specifically those clubs that reside in the same city. And we can prove it — using the National Football League and Major League Baseball.

Based on the great work from the pair behind NFL Memes — Brandon Hubschman and partner Weis Karzai — we showed you what it could look like to turn NFL players into logos. Well lucky for us, these guys continue to put out quality work. This time, the graphic artists decided to mashup each NFL logo with its applicable MLB counterpart and display the excellent results on the DailySnark. Like before, we were incredibly impressed with the fused designed. So we decided to share some of our favorites from the collection. With that, here’s a look at the five best mashups of NFL and MLB team logos.

1. Arizona Cardinals & Arizona Diamondbacks

Arizona Cardinals and Arizona Diamondbacks logo mashup

Source: Brandon Hubschman/NFL Memes/DailySnark

While the shades are different, both the Arizona Cardinals and Arizona Diamondbacks rely on the color red to make up the bulk of their logos. Therefore, it became a question of which sport’s shield to build off of. In what we consider a wise decision, Hubschman took the Diamondbacks logo — which is based off the Western Diamondback Rattlesnake — and gave it a little football spin. The wing looks beautiful in place of the diamond pattern that usually exists on the original logo, and adding the words “Cardinals” is effortless way to tie it all together. We applaud the logo fusion of two of Arizona’s biggest professional sports franchises.

2. Green Bay Packers & Milwaukee Brewers

Green Bay Packers and Milwaukee Brewers logo mashup

Source: Brandon Hubschman/NFL Memes/DailySnark

Crafting a logo using the Green Bay Packers iconic dark green and gold colors and the old-school “baseball glove” shield the Milwaukee Brewers used from 1978 to 1993, is sheer genius. While the Brewers logo previously used an “MB to form the mitt, this one simply replaces those letters with a “GB” as an ode to the storied football franchise. Once the football is added to the logo — as a substitute for the baseball — the classic blend is officially complete. This new shield has timeless written all over it.

3. Baltimore Ravens & Baltimore Orioles

Baltimore Ravens and Baltimore Orioles logo mashup

Source: Brandon Hubschman/NFL Memes/DailySnark

Birds of a feather flock together.

Just because both Baltimore’s football and baseball teams use birds as their mascot, that doesn’t make this mashup any less cool looking. The fierce Ravens logo the franchise has used since 1999 is an excellent choice of canvas for this particular design. Replacing the purple and metallic gold with the orange used by the Orioles, makes this shield look super sleek. Once the Baltimore “B” is replaced by the “O’s” of the MLB team, the city of Baltimore has itself a tight, current, and easily recognizable mashup of logos.

4. Pittsburgh Steelers & Pittsburgh Pirates

Pittsburgh Steelers and Pittsburgh Pirates logo mashup

Source: Brandon Hubschman/NFL Memes/DailySnark

The luxury in fusing together the logo of the Pittsburgh Steelers with the logo of the Pittsburgh Pirates, is both organizations have black, gold, and white as their team colors. As a result, it becomes all about finding the best way to encompass the best of both worlds into one rad design. Hubschman absolutely nailed it with this one. The Steelers logo is the one with thick gray ring around it however, in this case, it looks just as natural encapsulating old english “P” in yellow of the Pirates. Although there are usually three asteroids in the Steelers shield, placing the blue and red ones on the yellow backdrop does the job. Strong, resilient, and unbreakable — Pittsburgh at it’s finest.

5. St. Louis Rams & St. Louis Cardinals

St. Louis Rams and St. Louis Cardinals logo mashup

Source: Brandon Hubschman/NFL Memes/DailySnark

We’re sure this logo mashup of St. Louis organizations could’ve worked well with either team’s colors. However, we’re definitely digging the use the Rams navy blue and gold. We’ve always been fans of the intertwined “STL” used by the Cardinals, as well as the perched bird itself. While the letters are no baseball bat, they still make a good resting place for our feathered friend, and by changing the face of the cardinal into a ram, Hubschman was able to craft an even more aggressive and fiery look. As NFL and MLB team logo mashups go, the city of St. Louis comes away with an easy W.

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