The 5 Most Interesting Rumors Circling The NFL Draft

source - NYCMarines, Flickr

Source: NYCMarines, Flickr

The NFL draft is just over a month away, and things are starting to take a little more shape than they were yesterday (and the day before that and the day before that). While we’ve known the draft order, it’s only with the conclusion of the combine and the advent of free agency that each team’s wants and needs really crystallize. As the clock ticks down to the first pick, which is slated for the Houston Texans, news is beginning to leak out from the various front offices and “multiple sources” are being cited in vague reports about what could or could not happen.

And it’s great. Idle thought experiments are what make the world of sports go round — imagine if the Redskins hadn’t traded a King’s Ransom (three first round picks and one second rounder for the second overall pick a.k.a. RGIII) to the St. Louis Rams two years ago? St. Louis would’ve snagged the franchise QB it so desperately craved, and still craves, but they were able to turn the picks from the trade “into seven players, including three defensive starters,” according to ESPN’s breakdown of the trade, and they’re still primed to pick second this year after the Redskins collapsed.

And, guess what? There’s a few great QBs for the Rams to choose from in this draft too. There’s also Jadeveon Clowney, who is about as elite of a prospect as you could ask for. Back to him in a second. The important thing is the draft is almost here, and we’re starting to hear some fun and exciting things about some of the big name prospects and the fate of the high draft picks. Read on to find out.