7 NFL Team Logos Redesigned as ‘Football’ Logos

Source: Football as Football

One of the most interesting things about our relationship to the National Football League as fans is the way we’re not just drawn to our favorite players or teams — we’re drawn to the logos that represent them. In one way or another, each team’s name and mascot is symbolic, and by being a part of that particular franchise, players are inextricably associated with the teams they strap up and go to battle with each Sunday. As a result, come the beginning of each season, it’s always a bit of a shock to see certain players wearing the colors of other teams.

We understand that players are constantly changing teams, yet the true impact of the situation doesn’t really strike us until we witness, firsthand, the the big names in the game sporting new uniforms. It’s in these key moments, through the use of a “visual wakeup call” that we are forced to come to terms with the fact that things aren’t the same as they used to be. And they might never be again.

That’s not always a bad thing. For instance, it wasn’t too long ago that the NFL would’ve never considered playing games in Europe. Now a trip across the pond has become a regular occurrence during the regular season. The sport of football has been expanding its reach for quite sometime now. It’s gotten to the point that even fans of an entirely different brand of “futbol” have started to embrace the American version of “football.” And when you take a second to think about how these separate games can intertwine, the first thing that has to come to mind, is the logo.

Fortunately for us, there’s no need to try and imagine how this might play out. The good folks over at Football as Football did all the grunt work, and redesigned NFL team logos as soccer logos. And we have to say, they did a fantastic job. We did find ourselves being drawn to many of the different looks, however, there were a few that really grabbed out attention. With that in mind, here’s a look at the seven best NFL team logos redesigned as soccer logos.

1. Indianapolis Colts

Source: Football as Football

The Indianapolis Colts have never been about flash. At its core — unlike the team’s current owner — this organization is simple, efficient, and does what it takes to get the job done. It’s for these very reasons we find ourselves drawn to this redesigned soccer logo. The Indy “horseshoe” takes center stage (as it should), wrapping around the powerful solid blue Colt. These two images could very well be enough to get the job done, however, the inclusion of the “1953″ is a nice homage to when the franchise was founded as the Baltimore Colts. We’d have no issues if Indianapolis brought this shield into the fold.

2. San Francisco 49ers

Source: Football as Football

Unlike the San Francisco 49ers’ questionable alternate uniform design, this soccer logo is a beautiful representation of the storied franchise and the historical city it resides in. Instead of attempting to be too showy, Football as Football stuck with the traditional — and well-respected — red and gold color scheme. That alone makes this shield a success. Yet, there are some other winning elements at play here that we’d be foolish to overlook. We love the intertwined “SF,” the nonchalant font used for the “1946″ and the incorporation of the Golden Gate Bridge. Throw in the addition of the five stars at the top of the design to make note of the organization’s five Super Bowl wins, and we say this is one of the more complete logos in the bunch.

3. Chicago Bears

Source: Football as Football

When it comes to their logo or uniform, the Chicago Bears have never tried to force the issue. While the majority of the teams in the NFL could use a helmet makeover, the Bears remain classic and true to their identity. In that respect, we felt this soccer logo captured the overall essence of the team’s traditional appearance, while also feeling very much like a real “futbol” organization. This shield is predominantly blue and orange with hint of white, it has the time-honored stripes, the date the franchise was founded, and two cool bears holding everything up. Like it says on the bottom of the logo, this shield is all “CHICAGO.”

4. Carolina Panthers

Source: Football as Football

The redesigned Carolina Panthers logo definitely makes good use of the heater shield. The bold black outline works, the split white and blue interior makes the panther in the upper half of the logo pop, and lettering at the bottom is super rad. The “C” wrapping around the “FC” is a sleek way of acknowledging what we presume to be the Carolina Football Club. We could totally picture both Cam Newton and Luke Kuechly stepping out onto the gridiron while sporting this crest. It the organization was looking to make the team more ferocious, this logo would be a good place to start.

5. Detroit Lions

Source: Football as Football

The Detroit Lions have never won a Super Bowl title, however, they are right up their among the winners of best team logo designed as a soccer shield. There’s a lot of good color use in this logo, and we thoroughly enjoy how two different shades of blue are effortlessly woven together. Yet, in the end, it’s how the lion is drawn that really makes this logo stand out among the rest. It feels like the best representation of how the animal would actually be portrayed in realy football shield — see the England Football team. If nothing else, this logo most certainly brings the “roar.”

6. Philadelphia Eagles

Source: Football as Football

This soccer shield fits the Philadelphia Eagles and their omnipotent head coach Chip Kelly to a T. It’s cool, sharp, sleek, and dynamic. It incorporates all the team’s colors — midnight green, white, black and silver — but also utilizes both solids and stripes. Not only is it sweet how the shield morphs into a bird, but the interwoven “PE” in the middle of the crest is probably the freshest use of calligraphy. The birds appear ready for battle. Fly, Eagles Fly.

7. New Orleans Saints

Source: Football as Football

The New Orleans Saints logo redesigned as a soccer logo, is absolutely gorgeous. The fleur-de-lis is highlighted perfectly, the use of white, black, and old gold is spot on, and everything flows seamlessly into the shape of the shield. Yet, it’s the “NOS” that really makes the logo shine. The city of New Orleans is a wonderful community. It’s here, that the Saints team has managed to thrive off the ideals of unity and togetherness. This logo feels like that. And that’s why we really dig it.

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