The 9 Most Valuable MLB Teams

Dennis Poroy/Getty Images

8. Philadelphia Phillies

The oldest continually running ball club in American sports, the Phillies have been exciting fans since 1883 (because baseball is old), and their position as the ninth most valuable franchise in the sport reflects that. Plus, they’re actually a pretty good team, unlike some of the city’s other sports representatives, winning a World Series in 2008. That’s pretty cool.

The Phillies are worth $1,040 million ($1.04 billion). That is many, many millions. At the field, live and direct, they earn $142 million from the gate (e.g. tickets), $28 million from concessions, and $9 million a year from parking (that’s good for third in the entire league). Somewhere, there’s an army of Phillies fans sighing sadly into their wallets right now. Media rights ($73 million), team revenue ($315 million), and sponsorships ($26 million) make up the rest of the Phillies’ incoming cash-flow. The team lost an estimated $29 million to revenue sharing.

In 2013, the Phillies logged a 73-89 record. They did not make the playoffs. During the season, the Phillies fired manager Charlie Manuel and replaced him with interim manager Ryne Sandberg. For the 2014 season, the Phillies will have a payroll of $170.7 million.

Update: while the Phillies were originally number nine on this list, their new cable deal bumped them one spot above the Angels.