The 5 Greatest Upsets in NBA Playoff History

LeBron James argues with the referee.

LeBron James argues with the referee. | Elsa/Getty Images

Every team that has advanced to the postseason begins with a clean slate. That’s the beauty of the playoffs. If a team finds itself on a roll, or if a matchup works out in its favor, then anything is possible. This is the time of year when you better play your best ball. It doesn’t matter what’s happened so far this season; it doesn’t matter if you’re the league MVP or your team finished with the best record. The playoffs are when legends are born and history is made.

History has not always worked out for the best teams in the NBA. On occasion, the day may belong to the underdog. In a way, that’s when the sport becomes the most interesting. When teams come out of nowhere to topple the favorites, we’re reminded just how talented NBA players truly are. If you play in this league, then you’ve got skills. End of story.

And when these players rise to the occasion, we get to bear witness to David taking down Goliath. Here’s a look at the five greatest upsets in NBA playoff history.