Boston Beer Co. INTRODUCES New Summer Lager and 4 End-of-Week Hot Stocks

Medgenics Inc (NYSE:MDGN) chief executive Dr. Andrew Pearlman claims its Biopump technology could possibly “start a whole new pharmaceutical industry. Our technology has promise to provide a major change in medicine. It is not just a product that we have, it’s an industry.” The technology manipulates the tissue of the patients themselves in order to produce proteins which fight diseases. This will eliminate the necessity for hundreds of vaccines. Shares of Medgenics Inc are trading 6.67% lower today.

Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX): The rally in Netflix (NFLX +2.9%) shares continues to trek on even against a weak tape. The buying frenzy began when CEO Reed Hastings made a Facebook post concerning the company’s tally of streaming hours by customer’s, but there are concerns that Hastings could have skirted SEC Regulations FD. Shares of Netflix, Inc. are trading 0.44% higher today.

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Xyratex Ltd. (NASDAQ:XRTX) price target was decreased by Brean Murray after Q2 results indicating margin pressures and a weak guidance for Q3, mainly in the storage area. Shares keep a Buy rating. Shares of Xyratex Ltd. are trading 19.64%  higher  today.

Boston Beer Co Inc (NYSE:SAM) pushes a new product based on a German radle, spritzy mixes of light lager and lemon soda. Porch Rocker has tastes of lemon tea as well as a hint of pine. It does not possess the tartness of Leinenkugel’s quaff, but it is a light beer, 4.4% alcohol by volume, and it finishes with a slight crispness. Shares of Boston Beer Co Inc are trading 2.25% lower today.

Rexahn Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NYSE:RNN): The Rockville, MD biopharmaceutical company’s shares increased 25% Thursday on 10 times the average volume. Monday, the company announced its submission for a investigational new drug applications to the FDA for a first-in-human study of RX-5902 which will treat advanced and metastatic solid tumors.  RX-5902 is a first-in-class small molecule which inhibits the phosphorylated p68 RNA helicase, a protein which plays a main role in cancer growth, progression, and metastasis. The phosphorylated form of p68 RNA helicase is only in cancer cells and is absent in normal cells.

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