Comcast Owes Its Throne to Apple?

Comcast (NASDAQ:CMCSA) is constantly working on ways to innovate and also apply products it already has in new ways, and that approach has been working out pretty well for the last 4 years, as the company is on track to double the share price it held in late 2007 of around $20. CEO Brian Roberts says he’s learned from Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) methods on how he can reinvent Comcast time and again while keeping things simple.

Roberts says that most of Comcast’s technology and service ventures are going exceedingly well, even some that would naturally be expected to decline. Despite cellphones seemingly replacing the old wired phones of yesteryear, Comcast actually sold off its wireless spectrum and is continuing to invest in wired telephony services, and it seems to have no problem getting the service out there, as it packages the telephony with other services into consumer-friendly packages. Then, Comcast formed a relationship with Verizon (NYSE:VZ) to ensure it could still offer service to customers using wireless products.

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Even in the traditional cable TV industry, Comcast is managing to turn around customer losses.  To compete, Comcast focused more on high definition, broadband, and telephony to make a complete, competitive suite of products. Roberts says the company is also successfully repacking products for commercial use, and this new line of business is already taking off with over a 50 percent operating margin and several billion dollars of revenue.

As the world of technology changes, Roberts seems prepared to change Comcast with it, creating new business models, product suites, and ever-enhancing services to keep the company on top.

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