For GOP, It’s Time to Stop Criticizing Obamacare

During an interview with conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh in late August, Cruz explained what he saw as President Barack Obama’s strategy for ensuring that the Affordable Care Act would not be repealed, significantly amended, or defunded. “He wants to get as many Americans as possible addicted to the subsidies, addicted to the sugar, because he knows that in modern times, no major entitlement has ever been implemented and then unwound,” Cruz said.

In other words, once the exchanges are open, it will be too late to prevent the overhaul of the American health system. And it is true that since Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act during the Great Depression, no benefit programs have been retracted.

The exchanges have been operating for nearly three months — one half of the enrollment period for 2014 — and while enrollments have not been nearly as strong as the Obama administration forecast and the January 1 start of Obamacare insurance policies is not likely to be without a glitch, Republicans are modifying their stance toward the health care reform.

Given that around 2 million people will have coverage from insurance purchased through one of the Obamacare exchanges and nearly 4 million people will be newly covered thanks to the law’s expansion of Medicaid, a change in party politics is an absolute must.