Is Apple Testing TV Sets Already?

Apple’s (NASDAQ” target=_blank>NASDAQ:AAPL) main manufacturing partner, Foxconn, has been testing out high-definition television sets, sparking speculation that the iPhone maker has reached the next big stage in the development of its much-rumored new product.

What Indications Point Toward an Apple TV?

Focus Taiwan cited a source at Hon Hai Precision Industries to report that the manufacturer was working on early testing of TV sets between 46 and 55 inches. Last week, The Wall Street Journal had reported that Sharp and Foxconn were partnering Apple on the TV project. According to Focus Taiwan, the product launch may be scheduled for “the end of next year.”

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CHEAT SHEET Analysis: High-Quality Product Pipeline for Future Good News

One of the core components of our CHEAT SHEET investing framework focuses on new products being planned that will, in the future, affect the company’s sales and revenues. Both late Apple cofounder Steve Jobs and chief executive Tim Cook have spoken of the company’s interest in the television space, giving rise to high expectations that an all-new product will provide an all-new revenue catalyst for the future.

How Will This Affect Apple’s Stock?

Apple investors are looking for all good news they can get after the recent tumultuous journey for the stock. A television product from Apple will surprise no one because of all the talk that has already existed around it, but anything hinting at manufacturing progress and release certainty should be a positive development.

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