Judge Warns Apple and Samsung

The presiding judge in the Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) versus Samsung case that is up for post-trial proceedings starting Thursday has warned lawyers representing both companies to work by her rules. In an order signed on Tuesday, Judge Lucy Koh of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California admonished both sides for their rather-too-extensive court filings, PCWorld said.

Judge Koh had previously imposed page limits on the filings made by each company, with Samsung being limited to 35 pages and Apple’s response being limited to 15 pages, while each could also submit supporting documentation. The judge added that she expected the limits to be strictly enforced and warned that any argument not explicitly articulated within the briefing page limits would be disregarded. The two sides clearly did not take her warnings seriously, leading the judge to issue a fresh admonition this week. She has also given the lawyers for both companies until Friday to refile documents in accordance with her guidelines.

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“Despite this clear direction, both parties submitted voluminous documents with their post-trial motions,” Koh wrote in Tuesday’s order. “The Court plans to strike from the record all of the material submitted in violation of the Court’s Order.”

During post-trial proceedings, Samsung will challenge the complete result of the August jury trial that found the Korean company guilty and imposed a $1.05 billion fine on it, while Apple will try and get permanent U.S. sales injunctions on devices that were found to be violating its patents.

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