The Big Weigh-In: 5 Exercise Fads Plus Their Pros and Cons


It’s January, resolutions season, the 2014 Winter Olympics are nearing, and Super Bowl XLVIII is less than two weeks away. Exercise and fitness are on consumers’ minds. Holiday muffin tops are no longer amusing, award-winning athletes are on the television, and Spring Break plans are getting nailed down — thus, anxiety rises. Where do you turn? Your neighborhood fitness center, your basement gym, or your yoga studio? You decide.

Each incoming and outgoing exercise trend has its merits, but today we’re spotlighting five of the most popular. Some fitness programs are more effective than others, while others are specifically appealing to a specific kind of exerciser — it just depends what you are after. The important part about exercise programs is knowing what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and how to avoid getting hurt. Before you commit to any regimen, it’s important to learn the understanding behind specific workouts, and that’s what we’re explaining today. Check out the explanations behind these five exercise fads and why so many fitness junkies love them.

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