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How Many Kids Does DJ Khaled Have?

DJ Khaled is known for his big personality. He has a fashion sense to match, and fans are used to seeing him decked out in iridescent colors, or even all gold outfits. It may surprise casual fans to know he comes from humble beginnings.  DJ Khaled was born to Palestinian parents in Louisiana. He wasn’t …

Do Beyoncé and Her Sister, Solange, Get Along?

Beyoncé is not one to really share a lot from her personal life with the world. Other than the occasional photos of her kids and husband, the singer has chosen to keep her personal relationships with others in her family to a minimum. Even though that is the case, there is one person in Beyoncé …

Princess Diana’s Family Tree: Who Are the Spencers?

The late Princess Diana was born Diana Frances Spencer in 1961 to an aristocratic family, but we don’t know too much about her relatives as most of them have tried to remain out of the spotlight since her tragic death in 1997. However, when Diana’s son, Harry, married Meghan Markle on May 19, 2018, the public …