Example of a Throwback Thursday photo: A woman in a knit dress with flared sleeves works at an early-model Servus desktop computer in the 1970s
Example of a Throwback Thursday photo | Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Throwback Thursday, or TBT, is a social media trend where users share funny, happy, or interesting memories weekly on Thursdays. The theme day gained traction on Instagram in 2011 and also became popular on Twitter and Facebook.

Social media users generally post nostalgic photos, typically from years or decades ago, accompanied by a comment about the subject and the hashtag #tbt, #throwbackthursday, or #throwback. The hashtags expose the posts to more social media users searching through the tags. In addition to posting photos, people also share links to music and memories from past social media posts using apps like Timehop.

TBT has become so popular that users post on days other than Thursday with the #tbt or #throwback hashtag. They have also come up with Flashback Friday (#flashbackfriday and #fbf). The trend has even inspired dress-up days and gatherings where participants wear retro clothing, accessories, and hairstyles.

  • Throwback Thursday ideas: cute baby photos, goofy childhood poses, silly pets, old friends, obsolete technology, outdated home decor, weird holiday traditions, cringe-worthy pop culture trends, embarrassing fashion, regrettable hairstyles, past vacations, famous people you’ve met, songs that were cool back in the day but are hilarious today, ridiculous movies, TV shows, and commercials

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