10 Great Tech Products on Our Radar This Week

Source: Thinkstock

Source: Thinkstock

Are you on the lookout for the most exciting new tools in the App Store, the next website you’ll want to share with friends, or the latest gadget you’ll just have to have in your life? Then look no further. Each week, we review the crowdsourced links posted to a website called Product Hunt, where users post their best finds and discuss the latest with a growing community of developers, investors, founders, and tech enthusiasts. Developers and founders of a newly launched product often chime in to answer questions and gather feedback, and between 600 and 800 venture capitalists reportedly use the site — a great testament to its ability to surface products that would otherwise fly under most people’s radars.

Each day’s posts are kept separate from the next so that users can return to look back at what’s been popular over the past week or month, or check the site daily to see what’s new. Each week, we’ve traditionally looked at the top-ranked new tools and devices on Product Hunt. This week, we’ve freshened up our approach to better get to the most interesting finds among the wealth of apps, tools, websites, and devices featured on Product Hunt. Instead of simply listing the most-upvoted products for each day of the week, we looked at which represented the most exciting ideas to surface on the crowd-sourced site. A few are pre-launch products, some are new products from well-known companies, and others represent debuts from up-and-coming developers.

1. CliniCloud

CliniCloud is a connected medical kit for the home, and includes a digital stethoscope and non-contact thermometer. Using the stethoscope — a tool that doctors have long relied on to diagnose conditions from asthma to pneumonia to the common cold — you can listen and develop an informed opinion, or get a checkup on-demand. The non-contact thermometer combines infrared technology with Bluetooth connectivity to take accurate readings instantly without skin contact. The CliniCloud app, which will soon be available for Android and iOS, integrates recordings from both devices, provides metrics like respiratory rate and heart rate, and guides you through a quick or full checkup, with prompts that specify where to place the stethoscope and thermometer. You can review a timeline of your health status, manage records for your entire family, and give temporary access to doctors and caregivers.


Source: Deepsearch.me

2. DeepSearch

DeepSearch is an iOS app that enables you to search your phone for content inside apps as well as content on the web. You can enter a search query to find relevant content across all of the apps you’ve installed on your phone, and thanks to deep linking, you can jump directly to the relevant app pages from the DeepSearch search results. The app also pulls in results for the web, in case the query goes beyond the scope of the apps installed on the device. The app is powered by DeepLink, a deep linking platform for app developers.

Flipboard for the web

Source: Flipboard.com

3. Flipboard for the web

Flipboard for the web is the newly-launched web version of the popular social news magazine app Flipboard. The web interface features a section of “Cover Stories,” or the stories that Flipboard determines are the highlights of the topics that you follow, and an “Explore” section for discovering new content and topics to follow. Flipboard chief executive Mike McCue explains to the community on Product Hunt that the team wanted to build Flipboard for the web from day one because it’s a service, not an app. As Flipboard was growing as a mobile company, the team kept pushing toward a great Flipboard experience on the web. McCue says, “I think what we are witnessing now is the webification of apps and the appification of the web. In other words, I see a very bright future for the web as the best elements from both worlds converge.”

4. Glia

Glia is an iOS app that enables you to find businesses that support your values so that you can avoid working against your strongly-held beliefs. You select the social, political, and economic values that matter the most to you, and Glia then matches your profile to each business to determine a unique score that indicates how well your values match. The app then shows you if the business is a good match, if you share some values, or if there are some value conflicts or completely misaligned values. You can find businesses by score to determine where to spend your money, and take daily polls to refine your score with places nearby.

Impossible Instant Lab

Source: The-impossible-project.com

5. Impossible Instant Lab

The Impossible Instant Lab is a camera that exposes the images on your smartphone or tablet’s screen onto Impossible’s Polaroid-format instant film. The photographic process mirrors the traditional darkroom process, and users simply load the camera with film and download the Impossible Project app for Android or iOS to use the Instant Lab. The app guides you through the process of using the Instant Lab step-by-step, and enables you to crop and edit the image in advance and set exposure times appropriate for your film of choice. You then place the device on the cradle, expose the image to the film, eject the photo, and watch it develop. The Instant Lab works with Impossible black and white or color film for Polaroid 600 and SX-70 cameras. The Instant Lab currently costs $249 as a pre-order, and is expected to start shipping between February 18 and February 23.


Source: Getphorm.com

6. Phorm

Phorm is a case that provides the “world’s first morphing touchscreen” with a keyboard that rises from the screen to offer a better typing experience. The keyboard emerges when you need to type, and disappears again when you don’t. Phorm comes in the form of a case that fits over your existing device, and consists of a rear case, an adhesive front screen protector, and a front frame. Phorm is activated with a slider on the back of the case, so it doesn’t need a battery and doesn’t need to be charged. The Phorm’s tactile “Finger Guides,” which appear when the keyboard is activated, offer tactile cues as to where to place your fingers for the best recognition by the on-screen keyboard. The Finger Guides are created with microfluidics that raise the screen protector, and help you to type more quickly and look at the keyboard less. Phorm supports all apps that use a keyboard, and has been tested with the iOS, Swiftkey, Swype, and Fleksy keyboards. It’s designed for use with all models of the iPad Mini, and users can currently pre-order the Phorm for $104. It is expected to ship this summer. You can also join the wait list for Phorm for the iPhone 6 Plus.

7. Pixsso

Pixsso is a 4.4-inch electronic paper display currently being funded on IndieGoGo. The always-on display can adhere to a wall, desk, calendar, or even your fridge, and update you on the weather forecast, reminders, commute times, messages, to-do’s, news, and more. To use the Pixsso, users can download the companion app for iOS or Android and pair the device with a smartphone via Bluetooth LE. A lithium battery powers the device for approximately six months, and can be charged via micro USB. As of the time of writing, the campaign, which began on February 13, has raised $795 of its $45,000 goal. If the project is funded, the Pixsso will ship to “early bird” buyers in August or September of 2015.

8. SubPac

SubPac is a tactile audio device that transfers low frequencies to your body to provide a “new physical dimension” to the experience of listening to music. It has a range of 5hz to 130hz, enables you to hear intense “club level” bass without noise complaints from those around you, puts less stress on your ears, and provides accurate tactile monitoring of low frequencies for producers and DJs. The SubPac creates an immersive listening experience, can be used anywhere, and is ideal not only for music, but for games and films as well. The SubPac is a product from StudioFeed, a Los Angeles-based social venture that supports independent music.


Source: Transitory.me

9. Transitory

Transitory is an iOS app that enables you to share your location with a simple private URL. The URL is active for the amount of time you set, and you can send it to anyone via email, text, Facebook, or Twitter. Recipients don’t need to have the app and can view the link  in their browser. You can tap to stop sharing your location, or let the link “self-destruct” when its time runs out.

10. Urban Engines

Urban Engines is a map app that enables you to set up a deck of maps for dynamic, one-touch transit directions. You can add your favorite destinations to create a deck of maps, and each map stays updated so that you can see the time it would take you to reach each of your favorite places with just a glance. You can search for directions even offline and without cell signal, or download entire cities for complete offline functionality. An “X-ray mode” shows you a transparent map overlay of streets, transit stops, and transit routes on your camera view. The app offers personalized trip planning information, and an overview of nearby transit options. Urban Engines is currently available in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Toronto, Vancouver, and Washington, D.C.

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