15 New Tech Products to Try Out This Week

Source: Thinkstock

Source: Thinkstock

Do you constantly search the Internet and the App Store for the most innovative new apps, tools, and websites to test out and share with your friends? Then look no further. Each week, we review the crowdsourced links posted to a website called Product Hunt, where users post their best finds. Each day, the community discusses and votes for its favorite new apps and tools, and often developers and founders chime in to answer questions and gather feedback. (In case you missed it, here’s last week’s edition.) Between 600 and 800 venture capitalists reportedly use the site — a great testament to its ability to surface products that would otherwise fly under most people’s radars.

Product Hunt offers a look at what’s new every day on its homepage, and anyone can submit a product for others to comment on and upvote. Users can either sign up for emails to be updated on the community’s best finds or can check back each day to see what turns up. The products posted each day collect upvotes, which partially factor into the order in which the posts are ranked at the end of the day.

Each day’s posts are kept separate from the next so that users can return to look back at what’s been popular over the past week or month, or check the site daily to see what’s new. Each listing includes a link to the product’s website and often contains other related links, like its page in the App Store or recent media coverage. Users can join a discussion in the comments section for each product, and founders often join in on the conversation to answer questions or solicit feedback from early adopters.

We looked at the top-ranked new apps and innovations on Product Hunt last week and checked out the top two products that surfaced each day. (We added a bonus one to make 15, including the product with the most upvotes that wasn’t in first or second place on the day it was posted.) Upvote counts do change constantly, but all of ours were recorded as of the time of writing on Monday.

Lost Hunts

Source: Losthunts.com

1. Lost Hunts

Lost Hunts came in first on Sunday, with 201 upvotes as of Monday. Lost Hunts is powered by the Product Hunt API and gives a second chance to the products that get lost at the end of each day’s list with a smaller number of votes — “because everyone deserves a second chance on Product Hunt,” as the site explains. To determine which products to feature, the site calculates Product Hunt’s average vote counts for the day, and selects the products that fall below that average.

Social Share Kit

Source: Socialsharekit.com

2. Social Share Kit

Social Share Kit came in second on Sunday, with 166 upvotes as of Monday. Social Share Kit is a library of “decent and good looking” CSS/JavaScript social sharing tools, including social network icons, share buttons, floating button bars, and popups. The library is open source and hosted on Github, and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial 3.0 license. Social Share Kit is free for personal, noncommercial use, and has a variety of pricing options for developers who want to use it in commercial projects.


Source: Programmerbird.com/letterspace

3. Letterspace

Letterspace came in first on Saturday, with 449 upvotes as of Monday. Letterspace is a note-taking app for iOS and Mac that aims to help users stay organized and increase their productivity. Letterspace for iPhone and iPad features a swipe bar that moves the cursor back and forth across the text, making it easier to write and edit text on an iOS device. Users can apply Markdown formatting, or use inline #hashtags and @mentions to group related notes together. They can create to-do lists with items that they can tap to check off as completed, and sync their notes across devices with iCloud.

The Pirate Bay

Source: Thepiratebay.se

4. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay came in second on Saturday, with 240 upvotes as of Monday. Infamous file-sharing site The Pirate Bay is back online after nearly two months offline following a police raid in Sweden. As Mashable reports, the site was resurrected in December, with an image of a phoenix replacing the standard pirate ship logo. The site wasn’t immediately functional, but featured a timer indicating that it would resume operations sometime around February 1. The Pirate Bay is now back, though as Mashable points out, it features few torrents newer than December 9, when the site was shut down. However, there is reportedly some friction between former and current staff members, and some are planning to launch another version of the site.


Source: Tipthemless.org

5. Toothpick

Toothpick came in first on Friday, with 261 upvotes as of Monday. Toothpick is an iOS app that enables users to calculate a tip based on their server’s gender — intentionally offending to highlight the social issue of gender inequality. The website for the app, created by Miscellaneous Mischief, explains, “It’s OK because society said so,” and links to a whitehouse.gov petition to make the Equal Rights Amendment part of the Constitution. The site goes on to explain, “For some of you, this new standard of tipping may take some getting used to. But here’s the thing. In the United States, women and men are not persons of equal stature. Check the Constitution yourself. In the workplace, on average, women get paid 22% less than their male counterparts. So tipping a server 22% less just because she is a woman makes total sense, right?” Gabriel Whaley of Miscellaneous Mischief explains on Product Hunt that “Shock factor can be powerful, especially if you channel it to something positive.”

The Design Sprint

Source: Gv.com/sprint

6. The Design Sprint

The Design Sprint came in second on Friday, with 204 upvotes as of Monday. The Design Sprint is an upcoming book and collection of resources from Google Ventures, intended as a five-day process “for answering critical business questions through design, prototyping, and testing ideas with customers.” The Design Sprint compresses months of time into a single week, enabling teams to build and test nearly any idea in just 40 hours. As the accompanying website explains, “This page is a DIY guide for running your own sprint. On Monday, you’ll unpack the problem. On Tuesday, you’ll sketch competing solutions on paper. On Wednesday, you’ll argue and decide how to turn your ideas into a testable hypothesis. On Thursday, you’ll hammer out a high-fidelity prototype. And on Friday, you’ll test it with real live humans.”

How Much to Make an App

Source: Howmuchtomakeanapp.com

7. How Much to Make an App

How Much to Make an App came in first on Thursday, with 692 upvotes as of Monday. The site enables users to calculate the cost of building a mobile app for Android, iOS, or Android and iOS. The tool was created by the team behind Crew, an online marketplace, and its estimates are based on the amount of time it would take to complete the average project with a development cost of $60 to $100 per hour. The tool asks users a series of questions to estimate the cost of the project: Whether users will have to log in, whether they’ll create personal profiles, how the app will make money, whether the app includes a rating or reviewing system, whether the app needs to connect with a website, how the app will look, and whether the app needs an icon.

Microsoft Outlook for iOS

Source: Itunes.apple.com

8. Microsoft Outlook for iOS

Microsoft Outlook for iOS came in second on Thursday, with 308 upvotes as of Monday. Microsoft released Outlook for  iOS (and Android), based on the app it gained when it acquired Accompli last fall. Outlook works with Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Outlook.com, iCloud, Gmail, and Yahoo Mail, and automatically surfaces the most important messages across all of a user’s email accounts. Users can easily view their calendar, share available times, and schedule meetings. They can attach files from their email, OneDrive, Google Drive, or Dropbox, and filter their inbox to only show messages that are unread, flagged, or have attachments.


Source: Trytailor.com

9. Tailor

Tailor came in first on Wednesday, with 494 upvotes as of Monday. Tailor is an iOS app that enables users to take multiple screenshots and automatically stitch them together into one image, making it easier to save images of conversations, websites, emails, and other items that don’t fit into a single image. Users simply take two or more overlapping screenshots, and the app automatically detects them and creates one seamless image.

Founder Notes

Source: Foundernotes.com

10. FounderNotes

FounderNotes came in second on Wednesday, with 439 upvotes as of Monday. Startup founders add and rate content to the site, which provides a ranking of the best content every day. The founders behind the site explain that many of the mistakes that they made would have been eliminated if they had had more knowledge. The site aims to give everyone access to the “most important knowledge available” so that they’ll make fewer mistakes and be more productive.

Remotive Jobs

Source: Jobs.remotive.io

11. Remotive Jobs

Remotive Jobs came in first on Tuesday, with 774 upvotes as of Monday. Remotive provides a curated collection of remote jobs, which users can filter by company or by category, including Engineering, Product, Marketing, Support, Sales, Content, and Human Resources. Remove also sends a weekly newsletter on remote tips and jobs to more than 3,000 remote workers across 700 cities, and curates a “Productive Remote Worker Toolkit” to help remote workers and teams get things done.

12. Snapchat Discover

Snapchat Discover came in second on Tuesday, with 346 upvotes as of Monday. As Tech Cheat Sheet reported recently, Snapchat’s newest feature enables users to explore news and other original editorial content created especially for the popular chat app by editorial organizations such as CNN, Comedy Central, Cosmopolitanthe Daily Mail, and ESPN. Each organization’s “edition” includes about five headlines, and the channel is refreshed every 24 hours.

Coinbase Exchange

Source: Exchange.coinbase.com

13. Coinbase Exchange

Coinbase Exchange came in first on Monday, with 336 upvotes as of the following Monday. Coinbase Exchange is a U.S.-based bitcoin exchange run by Coinbase, the world’s most popular bitcoin wallet. The exchange is secure and stores 98% of customers’ bitcoin entirely offline. It’s backed by top investors, including the New York Stock Exchange, Andreessen Horowitz, and Union Square Ventures. It is also insured against hacking, internal theft, and accidental loss to cover the maximum value of bitcoin held in online storage at any given time. The exchange provides APIs, flexible order entry, streaming of real-time market data, and comprehensive account history and reporting.

#Startup Curated

Source: Startupfoundation.curated.co

14. #Startup Curated

#Startup Curated came in second on Monday, with 366 upvotes as of the following Monday. Curated is a weekly publication from the Startup Foundation, filled with content by and for the #startup community, a global platform for discussions, Q&As, AMAs, and feedback, hosted on Slack. Startup founders curate the best articles, lessons learned, tools, and more, and the newsletter is delivered every weekend in one minimal email.

Twitter mobile video camera

Source: Blog.twitter.com

15. Twitter group Direct Messages and mobile video camera

Twitter group Direct Messages and mobile video camera came in third on Tuesday, with 374 upvotes as of Monday. As announced on the company’s blog, Twitter rolled out two new features for group messaging and a new mobile video experience. With group Direct Messages, users can converse with a group privately. They can start conversations with any of their followers, who don’t all need to follow each other in order to chat. With Twitter’s new mobile video camera, users can capture, edit, and share videos right from the Twitter app. Users can capture and share videos that are up to 30 seconds in length, and Twitter for iPhone users will be able to upload videos from the camera roll, a feature that Twitter says will be available on the Android app soon.

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