4 Apple Patents That Should Not Be Overlooked

(Photo illustration by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)

Photo illustration by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

The potential debut of the “iPad Pro” this year is important because the communicating stylus described in the patent above and various other stylus-related patents filed by Apple appear to be aimed at the same type of users that would be interested in an oversized tablet. Apple even highlighted the use of the communicating stylus by students and teachers in the patent summary.

“This makes it easy, for example, in a classroom setting for a user to take handwritten notes and simultaneously create a digital version of those notes,” wrote Apple. “Additionally, in another embodiment, the stylus allows for the user to write on a whiteboard mounted on a wall and simultaneously display what he has written on a computing device.”

Will Apple debut a smart pen alongside a larger-screen iPad this year as part of an overall push into the education and enterprise markets? Based on the persistent rumors of a larger-screen iPad product and the sheer number of stylus-related patents that Apple has filed over the past several years, we believe that the technology described in this patent has a good chance of being implemented in one of the company’s future products.

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