8 Apple Videos Show How Your Apple Watch Will Work

Source: Apple.com

Apple released a series of videos, called “Guided Tours,” that provide a closer look at the software of the Apple Watch, which is now available to pre-order and will launch in stores on April 24. The videos, posted by Apple’s YouTube channel, provide a glimpse of how Apple Watch buyers might use the smartwatch on a daily basis.

Apple has to convince potential Apple Watch buyers that its first wearable will be more than a nice-to-have accessory to their iPhone. The videos demonstrate how the Apple Watch works and how its assortment of features might be useful throughout the user’s day, and the company is likely hoping that seeing the Apple Watch in action will sell interested Apple customers on the new wearable.

1. Welcome

The first video in the series, titled “Welcome,” highlights the functionality that will be available to early adopters of Apple’s “most personal device yet.” The narration in the video explains that the Apple Watch “lets you quickly do things you’re used to doing on your phone, but in a more convenient, less obtrusive way.” To activate your Apple Watch, you raise your wrist, and to turn off the display, you lower your wrist. You can add information to the watch’s face and tap to open the corresponding app. You can swipe up to see Glances, or swipe down to see missed notifications. To see your apps, you press the Digital Crown. Press and hold the Digital Crown to access Siri, or say “Hey Siri” to activate the assistant with your voice.

Using the pressure-sensitive display, enabled by Apple’s Force Touch technology, you can press firmly to access additional controls, like the search function in Maps or reply options in Messages. Pressing the only other button on the Apple Watch brings up the contacts whom you connect with most, and from there, you can make a call, send a message, or use the watch’s Digital Touch feature to send a sketch or tap or share your heartbeat.

2. Messages

A video titled “Messages” offers a tour of the watch’s messaging features. The narration explains that “messages come right to your wrist, where you can respond instantly without having to pull out your phone.” When you receive a message, your Apple Watch notifies you with a tap. You’ll raise your wrist to see the message; you can lower your wrist to dismiss the message, or tap “Reply.”

Using the Digital Crown, scroll through a list of “smart replies,” which you can add to using the Apple Watch app for iPhone. You can also tap the microphone icon to dictate a response and send it as an audio message or as text. Or, you can reply with animated emojis. To send a new message, just press the Digital Crown to go to the home screen, tap the Messages icon, press firmly on the screen, and tap the New Message icon that appears. Then, add a contact and create the message.

3. Faces

A video titled “Faces” explains how you can customize the face of your Apple Watch. To change or customize the watch face, press firmly on the current watch face to open the Faces gallery. Swipe through the gallery to find the face you want, then tap to make it your new face or tap the button to customize it.

Dots at the top of the screen — three in the case of the face selected in the video — indicate the number of customization screens available for that face. By turning the Digital Crown, you can change any of the elements highlighted in green. Press the Digital Crown and then tap the screen to set your new watch face.

4. Digital Touch

A video titled “Digital Touch” shows off the “all-new ways” that your Apple Watch enables you to communicate. Pressing the side button beneath the Digital Crown takes you to a screen showing the people you connect with most. (You can add friends to this screen with the Apple Watch app for iPhone.) To choose a friend to contact, turn the Digital Crown and tap one of the icons to make a call or send a message. Or use the Apple Watch’s Digital Touch feature to send a tap, a sketch, or share your heartbeat to a friend who also has an Apple Watch.

5. Phone Calls

A video titled “Phone Calls” demonstrates how users can make and receive calls with the Apple Watch’s built-in speaker and microphone. When a call comes in, you can mute it by covering the Apple Watch with your hand, or scroll up with the Digital Crown to opt to send a message or answer the call on your iPhone. You can also tap a red button to decline the call, or tap the green button to answer it.

To make a call, you can open the Phone app on the Apple Watch’s home screen. Or, you can press the side button to go directly to the people whom you connect with most. You can then choose the friend you want to talk to by scrolling with the Digital Crown, and make a call by tapping the phone icon. However, the narration says that “the easiest way” to make a call is via a command to Siri, just like on the iPhone.

6. Siri

That leads us to the next video, titled simply, “Siri.” The narration explains that of all the ways that you can interact with the Apple Watch, Siri may be the quickest, and the “most fun.” You can access Siri by pressing and holding the Digital Crown, or simply by raising your wrist and saying “Hey Siri” to activate the voice assistant. The video demonstrates how you can ask Siri to show you directions on the Apple Watch, find the score of a game, or call your mom. You can also ask Siri to open an app, or have Siri set an alarm to wake you up in the morning.

7. Maps

A video titled “Maps” show the ways that you can find locations and get turn-by-turn directions on the Apple Watch. You can tap an address in a message to open the Maps app, swipe up on the watch face to see Maps in your Glances, or open the app from the home screen by pressing the Digital Crown and tapping the Maps icon. When you open the Maps app, you’ll see your current location (which you can zoom into and out of with the Digital Crown). To find a new location, you’ll press firmly on the display to bring up a menu with options for Search and Contacts. Pressing Contacts will enable you to get directions to one of your friends’ addresses, or you can find a new location by pressing Search.

When you select Search, you can pick a location that you’ve searched for recently on your Apple Watch or iPhone, scrolling through the list with the Digital Crown, or use dictation to choose a new location. The video demonstrates the narrator searching for a bakery, and the Apple Watch brings up a variety of information on the business, including a star rating, its hours, contact information, and both walking and driving directions. When using turn-by-turn directions, Apple Watch will tap you on the wrist to let you know when your next turn is coming up. You can also start directions on your iPhone, and they’ll automatically appear on your watch when you raise your wrist so that you can follow them from the Apple Watch.

8. Music

A video titled “Music” demonstrates how you can control the music on your iPhone with the Apple Watch. You can open the Music app from the home screen, but it’s easier to swipe up to the “Now Playing” Glance, where music that’s currently playing from your iPhone will automatically appear. If you want to start listening to a new track, you can ask Siri to play it for you. Also on the Apple Watch, you can make a selection from your artists, albums, songs, or playlists by turning the Digital Crown. Once you select one of those categories, you can choose among what you have stored on your iPhone. And when you choose an album, for instance, you can then tap on the song you want to play.

You can also store music and playlists on the Apple Watch itself. To do that, you’ll need to attach the Apple Watch to its charger, navigate to the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, and tap Music. Then, tap Synced Playlist and choose one you’d like to store on your watch. Once you’ve synced music to the Apple Watch, you can choose music from either your watch or your phone. When you press firmly on the Apple Watch display, options to Shuffle, Repeat, and choose a Source or AirPlay appear. Tap Source to choose between your Apple Watch and iPhone. If you want to play music from the Apple Watch, tap Settings to choose a paired device, like a wireless speaker.

Apple’s page for its Guided Tours to the Apple Watch shows grayed-out Apple Watch images indicating that videos for using Apple Pay, the Activity app, and the Workout app are coming soon. The rest of these videos are likely to be available by the time the Apple Watch is in the hands of the earliest adopters.

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