4 Games Launching Next Week: ‘Resident Evil’ and More

This week was a big one for gamers, with a handful of AAA games launching across all systems. Things are slowing down next week, but not too slow. We’ll get the latest in the Resident Evil franchise as it tries its hand at episodic gaming, as well as a new Dragon Ball game and more. Keep on reading for the details.

Source: Capcom

1. Resident Evil: Revelations 2 – Episode 1

  • Releases February 24 for PS3 and PS4
  • Releases February 25 for Xbox 360 and Xbox One
  • Watch the trailer

The original Resident Evil: Revelations was an an odd one. At launch, it was a Nintendo 3DS exclusive that came out the same year as Resident Evil 6 for consoles. The weird thing was, critics and fans liked the handheld game Revelations better than the main franchise installment. This sequel will ditch handheld devices for consoles and will offer similarly tough, scary gameplay that involves puzzle solving and zombies killing. Episode 1 launches next week, while three more episodes are planned for later in the year.

Source: Iridium Studios

2. There Came an Echo

Anytime you attach Star Trek: The Next Generation alum Wil Wheaton to a project, its nerd cred rockets considerably. That’s just what Iridium Studios has done with There Came an Echo, a strategy game that was funded by Kickstarter nearly two years ago and is finally ready for the limelight. Basically, you control a small squadron of fighters as they try to escape from a relentless enemy force. It has a sci-fi plot that sounds intriguing, as well an optional control style based on voice commands. Looks neat.

Source: Bandai Namco

3. Dragon Ball XenoVerse

Unlike in most Dragon Ball games, in this one you create your own character instead of playing as the warriors from the show. Mysterious baddies are messing with time, which means the Dragon Ball world is in peril, and it’s up to you to save it. You do so by taking on bad guys in crazy fights using fists and magic, often with everyone hovering in the air. It might not convert anyone who’s not already interested in the Dragon Ball universe, but it looks pretty great for fans.

Source: Koei Tecmo

4. Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires

The Dynasty Warriors series started in 1997 and has endured largely thanks to its popularity in Japan. That’s not to say us Westerners don’t care for it. If you like the idea of single-handedly hacking your way through entire armies of bad guys, you’ll probably enjoy this latest installment. The idea is to strategically plan out your attacks on the fly, mixing melee moves with magical attacks to plow through hundreds of enemies. If you’re looking for a game that makes you feel ridiculously powerful, look no further.

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