4 New Video Game Leaks: ‘GTA Online,’ ‘Guitar Hero,’ and More

Once again it’s time to peek behind the curtain of the video game industry to see the goodies the powers that be aren’t ready to unveil quite yet — that is, assuming the information is true. But figuring that out is half the fun. This week we have rumors and leaks surrounding Grand Theft Auto Online, a new Guitar Hero, and possible new features for the PlayStation 4. Read on to see what exciting new stuff just might come to pass.

Source: Rockstar Games

1. Is all this gear coming to Grand Theft Auto Online?

Grand Theft Auto fans have been wondering for more than a year when Rockstar plans to release its much-anticipated Heist content for the online portion of GTA V. The answer finally came this week: March 10. We still don’t have full details on what, exactly, is included in Heists, but Twitter user @Funmw4 has posted some images that just might shed some light on the subject.

The images purportedly come from unreleased videos of GTA Online. They show off all kinds of gear that’s not in the current version of the game, including night vision goggles, a shotgun suppressor, thermite explosives, a drill, and masks (the better to hide your face during heists). Also shown are new vehicles, like a helicopter, plane, and new cars.

Here’s a trailer for Heists to whet the appetite.

Source: Square Enix

2. Leaked footage of a canceled Legacy of Kain game

Legacy of Kain fans might be interested to see what might have been if the sixth game in the series, Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun, had ever come out. In reality, Square Enix decided to scrap the project in 2012 after three years of development. The leak comes courtesy of NeoGAF user Mama Robotnik, who apparently talked to sources from the development team to bring the footage to light. From the looks of it, the game was quite far along before Square Enix pulled the plug.

You can watch the leaked footage here.

Source: Activision

3. Will a new Guitar Hero be announced at E3?

It seems like every week we get a new hint that music games are gearing up for a comeback. The most recent development comes from Kotaku UK, whose reporter spoke to two separate sources who say a new installment of Guitar Hero will be announced later this year, probably at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in June. The game will be more realistic than previous installments and will probably launch on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 alongside some new plastic instrument peripherals.

Other recent music game rumors have hinted that a new Rock Band game will be released for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. If these rumors are true, as seems to be the case, the future could be bright for the dormant music game genre.

Source: Sony

4. Is a PS4 update coming soon?

The Xbox One gets a regular firmware update each month, but Sony is a little less regular with its PS4 updates (the last one came in October). However, two sources have recently stated that a new update will hit the console soon, bringing with it new features. First up, a community manager on the PlayStation blog wrote that an update is “not too far out.” Then Twitter user @Tidux claimed that inside sources say the update will happen around March 29. (For the record, @Tidux has a strong track record of reporting inside information.)

It’s unclear what new features PS4 owners can expect in the next update, but fans are hoping for the promised “suspend/resume” function that lets you start immediately where you left off in a game after powering down the system.

Source: Nintendo

Rumor updates

Following up on rumors we’ve previously reported, we have two confirmations this week.

First is a release date for Hotline Miami 2. You might remember that cryptic tweet that led to a strange telephone message that fans thought might reveal the release date for Hotline Miami 2. Turns out the sleuthing fans were right. Publisher Devolver Digital has announced that the game will in fact release on March 10 for PS4, PS3, PS Vita, and PC.

Then there was the matter of the gold and silver Mario Amiibos that appeared briefly on Nintendo’s website. The gold one, at least, is real. Nintendo has announced that the shiny Amiibo will be available exclusively at Walmart starting March 20.

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