4 New Video Game Rumors: ‘Splatoon,’ 1TB PS4 and More

As expected, this week has been a little slow when it comes to video game rumors. While leaks and rumors were running rampant in the months leading up to E3, the event is now over. And since so much was revealed during the press conferences from Sony, Microsoft, Bethesda, and others, the rumor mill needs a little time to get back up and running.

Still, some nuggets of information have popped up over the past week, so it’s time to look ahead to things the companies might be doing that they didn’t announce at E3. Here are the biggest video game rumors to hit the Internet over the past seven days.

Source: Nintendo

Source: Nintendo

Upcoming Splatoon maps possibly leaked

According to NeoGAF member TDLink, Nintendo’s colorful online shooter has been “data-mined,” which means someone has gone into the game’s code and taken a look around to see what’s on the disc that hasn’t appeared in the game… yet. The biggest reveal is that the game’s code contains two entirely new levels that haven’t been released: Camp and Skyscraper.

The NeoGAF thread has loads of information about mined data, including a full blueprint of the Skyscraper level, plus details on 33 new weapons apparently coming to the game, and a new mode called Rainmaker that sounds like a twist on “capture the flag.”

Could this be an elaborate hoax? Indeed it could. But it could also be real. After all, a similar data-mining endeavor revealed assets suggesting that Street Fighter’s Ryu would show up in Super Smash Bros., and that turned out to be true.

Source: Activision

Source: Activision

Is a Prototype remastered collection coming to PS4?

The PlayStation trophy-tracking site PSNProfiles has listed a page with new PlayStation 4 trophies for Prototype and Prototype 2, suggesting that the last-generation games will be making their way to the new generation of consoles in due course.

The Prototype games put you in the shoes of a very angry shape shifter with incredible powers and a willingness to kill anyone who stands in his way. The games received pretty average review scores when they were originally released, but that doesn’t mean they won’t come to Xbox One and PS4. After all, it seems like nearly any game series is a candidate for a remastered edition in this day and age.

Source: Ubisoft

Source: Ubisoft

Is ZombiU heading to other consoles?

One of the best Wii U launch titles was ZombiU, a horror game Ubisoft made before just about every third-party developer stopped making games for the console. It’s been a few years since we’ve heard anything about the game, but it looks like that could change soon. The Australian ratings board has posted a listing for an Ubisoft game called Zombi for Xbox One.

The unique spelling of Zombi sure makes it sound like the same game, just without the “U” that signified the game’s original console home. By most accounts ZombiU was a great game, so perhaps it can find a new life (or afterlife) on Xbox One and probably also PS4.

Source: Sony

Source: Sony

The 1TB PlayStation 4 just became a lot more likely

Sony has announced it will release a new model of the PS4 that comes packing a 1TB hard drive instead of the standard one that only has 500GB. The catch? It’s only coming to Europe, at least so far.

With more and more gamers buying digital versions of games, it’s a no-brainer for Sony to bring this version of the system to the U.S. The 500GB hard drive may seem like a lot, but it fills up fast once you’ve installed a few AAA games.

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