4 Video Game Rumors and Leaks: ‘Gears’ on Xbox One and More

Source: Microsoft

2. Is Gears of War coming to Xbox One?

Aside from Halo, Microsoft’s biggest exclusive game series during the Xbox 360 console generation was Gears of War. The series consists of four games in all, each one hinging on hyper-muscular men battling monstrous, hulking aliens. According to anonymous sources speaking with Polygon, Microsoft and Black Tusk Studios are remastering the first Gears of War game for Xbox One.

Previous rumors had hinted at a “Marcus Fenix Collection” that would be comprised of remakes of the whole series. But if Polygon’s sources are correct (as they seem to be), this puts those rumors to rest.

As expected, the new version of Gears of War will include spruced-up visuals and new cutscenes. The sources showed Polygon screenshots of several different modes of the game and revealed that the multiplayer mode would run in 60 frames per second. If the game is indeed that far along, we can probably expect to see it by the end of the year.

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