The Facebook Fizzle and 4 Spotlight Stocks to Review Now

Zynga (NASDAQ:ZNGA) has teamed up with American Express (NYSE:AXP) to launch Zynga Serve Rewards. The program is linked to the Serve digital wallet and marks a new innovation in prepaid cards by linking incentives on everyday spending to online gaming. Customers can use the Zynga Serve Rewards card wherever American Express cards are accepted in the U.S., and earn online, in-game rewards in real time. All purchases will receive in-game rewards tracked through an in-game dashboard as the program expands. Read More: AmEx and Zynga Reward Cardholders With Fake Cash

Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) new iPhone is rumored to sport a larger screen and a smaller dock connector. According to sources, the technology giant is testing several screen sizes for the new iPhone. Apple is said to currently be focusing on a design that is 3.95 inches long diagonally, even though earlier rumors pointed to a roughly 4-inch long screen size.

The smaller dock connector is also expected to a  much narrower version of the current squared-off on the corners connected. It will be between the size of a Micro-USB and Mini-USB connector. Apple will also be changing the resolution of the phone to 640 x 1136, and is working on a new operating system to accommodate for the changes. Essentially, this means that the new iPhone will not be an exact replica of previous Apple devices that have remained unchanged for years. Read More: The Next iPhone: Everything is Changing

Best Buy (NYSE:BBY) shares were in an uptrend, following the company’s quarterly earnings and revenue that came in ahead of analyst’s expectations after its turnaround plan gained traction. The fact that Best Buy saw better performance from its U.S. online segment, coupled with lower taxes, also attributed to the company’s success. Net income dropped to $161 million from $255 million in the previous year, Earnings were 72 cents a share excluding items, and sales climbed 2.1 percent to 11.61 billion. Read More: Best Buy: We’ll Be Back

Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) took a nose dive this morning, just as it did on Monday in what was the social networking giant’s second day of trading after the initial public offering. Many theories to why investor interested diminished so rapidly for what was once considered the most popular stock in recent months, with minor factors including the Nasdaq fiasco or the inflated opening price. Many are now pointing the finger at Morgan Stanley (NYSE:MS), the company’s main underwriter, for losing confidence in Facebook’s profitability and significantly reducing revenue forecasts for the company. In turn, the reduction shocked investors. Read More: Did Morgan Stanley Screw Up Facebook’s IPO?

Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) announced on Tuesday the finalization of its $12.5 billion purchase of Motorola Mobility (NYSE:MMI). European and U.S. regulators approved the deal in February, with the Chinese government as the latest to greenlight the acquisition. The newly acquired company will replace Motorola CEO Sanhay Jha with the former president of Google’s Americas region Dennis Woodside. Google stated that Motorola Mobility will be an independently-run division of the company. Read More: Google: What Should We Do With Motorola?