5 ‘Bloodborne’ Videos You Have to See

Ask most people who have played Bloodborne to describe what it’s like, and you’ll probably hear some variation of, “It’s soul-crushingly hard, but I love it anyway.” That’s because the game is full of enemies and boss fights that seem impossible at first, and so you fail and fail until you figure out how to beat them — at which point overwhelming satisfaction sets in.

But Bloodborne isn’t always a grueling slog. Sometimes hilarious things happen in the game. And some people are so good at it that they have to come up with self-imposed limitations and new ways to play in order to make it more challenging. Thanks to YouTube, we can watch all of these different play experiences without having to move a muscle.

A word of warning: Some of the videos on this page have NSFW language. After all, the game can be extremely frustrating.

1. Waste of Skin playthrough

Let’s kick things off with an impressive one.

When starting Bloodborne, you can choose from a variety of classes, each of which has a different distribution of stat points. For instance, the Military Veteran class is exceptionally strong, while the Lone Survivor class gets a health boost. The weakest overall class is Waste of Skin, which is not exceptional in any way and starts with far fewer “blood echoes” than any other class (blood echoes let you level up your character and purchase items).

YouTuber BoyvsVideogame decided that not only would he play through Bloodborne using the Waste of Skin class, but he would never level up his character or use his gun weapon. For most players, that way lies madness.

There’s virtually no way you could make Bloodborne more challenging than that. And yet he does it, and he beats the game. The video above is of him fighting the final boss, whittling down his health little by little with his severely under-leveled and under-powered character. It’s a grueling battle, but BoysvsVideogame comes away victorious. To watch the rest of the playthrough, check out his YouTube channel.

2. Pebble kill

Player versus player (PVP) matches are often brutal affairs, with both players trying their hardest to cut down the other first. This particular match didn’t quite turn out that way. When one player pauses at the top of a ladder, the other one throws a lowly pebble at him, which proves to be just enough to send the opponent falling to his death. A lucky kill? Absolutely. But it’s also pretty funny.

3. Two players getting along

Generally, when one player “invades” another player’s game, it’s with one goal: to kill that person in PVP combat. That’s not what happens in this unusual instance. Instead of duking it out like crazed maniacs, the two players stand around posing for several minutes before waving, bowing, and going their separate ways. It’s sweet, really.

4. Speedrun

In a speedrun, a player tries to beat a game in as little time as possible. This particular speedrun through the game takes YouTuber Oginam_tv a staggeringly short 36 minutes and 59 seconds of play time. That’s in a game that normally takes around 40 hours for normal players to beat.

How did he do it? Speedrunners play games differently than most most people. They go through games looking for the “essential path” and figuring out what they can ignore. Once they feel confident they have the quickest path through the game, speedrunners focus on chipping time off their runs. It’s a methodical process that takes a lot of trial and error and a lot of persistence. Forums and message boards devoted to speedrunning are a great resource for this sort of thing.

If you’d like to try speedrunning Bloodborne, this video is a great place to start.

5. Surprise!

After an intense PVP match, this player kneels to show “deep respect,” but he gets a little more than he bargained for.

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