5 Gadgets From This Week: Rick Roll Makes a Chromecast Comeback, Vapor Shots

This week the tech industry revealed some interesting gadgets. One that Chromecast users should especially take note of, lest they want their streaming stick to get jacked. Other bits of news may be of interest or concern depending on whether your a college student or the parent of one, and if you’re the latter there’s a device to help calm your nerves if you use it for just 3 minutes every day.

There’s something for partiers, the easily stressed, hikers, and those who want an accessory to improve their smartphone’s battery life. Read on to find out what news made the top of our list this week.

Read your brain waves
Not sure how you feel? Strap on the Muse headset. EEG sensors are embedded in the headband that use electrical impulses to decrypt our brain waves and translate them into feelings. The headset doesn’t read thoughts, so it won’t be able to tell you what the cause of your stress or anxiety is, but it will only take 3 minutes after these readings to set your mind at ease. Muse will give you some exercises to help manage your stress and get you’re brain waves back to calm. It’s currently for sale for the steep price of $299. But how much is your mental health worth?

2. E-ink smartphone accessory
You eve notice how e-ink displays just sip at battery life, whereas their LCD and OLED counterparts just gulp it in comparison? It be great if our smartphones had two displays—a color LCD when you need it for videos and an e-ink for when your just reading articles. There’s already one smartphone like that out there called the YotaPhone, but it has yet to make landfall in North America. There is some hope for your smartphone’s battery life yet. Oaxis is asking for funds on Kickstarter to build an e-ink accessory for your phone.

InkCase Plus is a secondary display that uses Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone. Sounds a little skeptical, as Bluetooth is a battery zapper. You can fund them now and reserve an InkCase Plus for yourself or pick one up when it ships sometime later this year.

3. Send texts in the middle of nowhere
Communicate with anyone, even if you’re in the middle of nowhere. No cell towers, no problem. GoTenna pairs with your smartphone wirelessly, and so long as the person you’re communicating with has goTenna as well, you’re message will go through. It’s a handy device if you go hiking a lot. It works by turning your phone into a low-frequency radio where your text message can travel up to 50 miles. This creates a free ad hoc network between other goTenna users. The device is sold in pairs, since you can’t really use one unless someone else has one as well. It costs $150.

4. Inhale shots
Drinking you alcohol means calories, waiting for your buzz to hit, among other things. VapShot allows you to inhale your liquor and get drunk quicker at home. It vaporizes any booze of your choosing into “air shots” for a convenient, no spill drinking solution.

The delivery system seems to be a bit dangerous, since it hits you instantly and could cause for some over-inhaling. Thankfully, the only thing holding back frats from purchasing such a device is its $700 price tag.

5. Hijack someones Chromecast
This gadget is a prank for the 21st century. Dubbed the RickMote, this little device will “Rick Roll” all nearby Chromecasts. With a single press of a button the RickMote pulls up the infamous “Never Gonna Give You Up” video on YouTube.

This product isn’t on the market per se. It’s more of a DIY project, however, the coding has alredy been done for you. The developers put it up on GitHub.

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