5 Great Father’s Day Tech Gifts That Are On Sale Now

Father’s Day is right around the corner, so if you haven’t gotten a gift for the dad in your life yet, it’s high time you started shopping. But before you rush to the nearest mall, check out the great deals we’ve found on fantastic gifts for dad.

Whether he’s into tech products, appliances, or tools, there’s no reason to pay full price for a Father’s Day gift this time of year. Read on to save money and make dad happy all at the same time.

Source: Lowe's

Source: Lowe’s

Cordless drill kit

A quality drill is a necessity for any dad who does even the smallest jobs around the house. Whether he’s hanging curtains or building shelves, this cordless drill and impact driver kit from Dewalt can get the job done. It comes with a long-lasting battery, a charger, a soft case, and a three-year warranty. And thanks to Lowe’s Father’s Day sale, it’s currently available for 25% off. Buy yours here.

Source: Amazon

Source: Amazon


If standard Father’s Day gifts are a little too mundane for the dad in your life, he’ll probably appreciate something with a little more character. Something like a drone. This quadcopter from Ei-Hi is just the ticket. It’s one of the best reviewed drones on Amazon, with loads of satisfied customers singing its praises.

The biggest selling point is that it’s perfect for beginners, thanks to its six-axis gyro capabilities, which make it incredibly stable and responsive to control. It even comes with a camera, so you can shoot video and take pictures from any vantage point within 30 meters of where you’re standing. If you want a great quadcopter at a reasonable price, this is the one to buy.

Source: Amazon

Source: Amazon

Noise-canceling headphones

In a busy household it can be hard for dads to find somewhere quiet to relax. With these fantastic noise-canceling headphones from Bose, dad can chill out anywhere at any time, with the help of his favorite music, movie, or podcast. The headphones are light and comfortable to wear, and they work great whether you’re sitting around the house, traveling on a noisy airplane, or walking on a treadmill. Buy a set here, and use the promo code JUSTFORDAD to get 20% off.

Canon Printer

Source: Best Buy

All-in-one printer

Printers might not be glamorous, but they sure are a necessity. And if you have to have one, you might as well get one as sleek and compact as this color printer from Canon. It’s a beautiful device you can put anywhere, thanks to its built-in wireless technology. In addition to printing documents, it also acts as a photo printer, a scanner, a copier, and a fax machine. In short, this small, attractive piece of tech does it all — and it’s currently available right here for $80 off its retail price. Trust me, dad will love it.

Source: Sears

Source: Sears


Summer is upon us, which means the smell of grilled meat is in the air. If dad is in the market for a grill, now is a great time to buy one. That’s because right now Sears has this four-burner gas grill from Kenmore on sale for $80 off. Its timeless stainless steel design makes it look fantastic in any setting, and its spacious 595 square-inch cooking surface means it can keep your guests satisfied even if you invited the whole neighborhood. Buy it here before the price goes back up.

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