5 MMO Video Games For Console That Will Draw You Right In

It used to be a given that if you wanted to play a massively multiplayer online game (MMO), you had to own a gaming PC. That’s not the case anymore, thanks to a handful of big-name titles that have landed on consoles in recent years. If you want to spill hundreds of hours into epic games populated with tons of other players, just plop yourself down on the couch, grab a controller, and dive into these five console MMOs.

Source: Sony

1. DC Universe Online

  • Available on PS4 and PS3

As you can probably tell from the title, this game drops you into the DC Universe, home to Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Joker, and so on and so on. You can create your very own superhero or villain from scratch, or use an existing character as a starting point. Once you’re up and running, it’s time to begin saving or destroying the world. To do so, you’ll take missions from famous characters and work on powering up your super abilities. When it comes to persistent online worlds, this one is unlike any other.

Source: Square Enix

2. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

  • Available on PS4 and PS3

If you like your MMOs to take place in worlds of fantasy and magic, then you’ll want to check out Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, the lauded series’ second take on the MMO genre. By all reports, this game is the best Final Fantasy MMO yet, featuring a vast continent called Eorzea that’s full of lush forests, sweeping deserts, and a plethroa of enemies to strike down. Plus, it’s home to many locations fans will recognize from the core series, like Final Fantasy VII‘s Gold Saucer arcade. To top it off, Square Enix has been churning out new content on a regular basis, ensuring that adventurers can always find something new to do in Eorzea.

Source: Bungie via YouTube

3. Destiny

  • Available on PS4, Xbox One, PS3, and Xbox 360

Some gamers prefer their MMO action with a large dose of sci-fi. For them, Destiny is just the ticket. This mammoth game, created by Bungie (the makers of Halo), is probably the best first-person shooter MMO out there. You play as a soldier, one of the few remaining humans in the universe after an enormous catastrophe has wiped out other colonies in the solar system. Malicious aliens have taken over those colonies, and it’s your job to help take them back. Your primary reward? Awesome loot.

Source: Gaijin Entertainment

4. War Thunder

  • Available on PS4

The battles of World War II provide the setting for War Thunder, a cross-platform MMO that lets PS4 players shoot it out against gamers playing on PS4 and PC alike. The idea here is to rule the ground and skies by piloting one of more than 500 historically accurate planes, tanks, and anti-aircraft vehicles. It even has multiple modes of control realism that you can choose based on your experience. Best of all, it’s free to play.

Source: Trion Media

5. Defiance

  • Available on Xbox 360, PS3

Developed in conjunction with the Syfy show of the same name, Defiance is a third-person shooter MMO that takes place on Earth after an alien invasion has wiped out much of civilization. The strongest point here is the game’s story, which affects — and is affected by — the events of the TV show. Defiance is a burgeoning town that’s populated by numerous species of aliens trying to build a place to live together (that is, when they’re not vying for control). If you’re into sci-fi stories, this is the game for you.

All in all, the console best suited to MMO gamers at the moment is the Playstation 4. However, a number of new MMOs are heading to consoles in the future, including Elder Scrolls Online, Neverwinter, and The Division. Once those start arriving, the Xbox One will have more options. But if you want to join a vast online community on a console right now, the PS4 is your best bet.

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