5 New Video Game Rumors: ‘Metal Gear,’ ‘Star Wars,’ and More

Source: Electronic Arts

2. Have Mass Effect 4 details leaked?

If this leak turns out to be real, we’re looking at a cornucopia of details about Mass Effect 4. Prior to this, Electronic Arts has said the game was in the works but offered little concrete information other than that it will not star Commander Shepherd, the hero of the previous three installments.

A Redditor claims to have taken a survey about Mass Effect 4 that revealed an incredible amount of information about the upcoming game. According to the post, Mass Effect 4 will center around a “Pathfinder” character who explores vast swaths of outer space in search habitable planets for humanity to colonize. Along the way, you’ll encounter outlaws, warring alien races, and lots of “ancient technology” left by mysterious creatures known as the Remnants.

The game will apparently be four times as large as Mass Effect 3, and you’ll be able to start up new colonies on planets across the galaxy.

Keep in mind that none of this may be true. There’s very no concrete evidence here, but the story is not obviously false. Also, a similar situation that leaked loads of details about Dragon Age: Inquisition prior to its unveiling turned out to be true.

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