6 Biggest Video Games of the Week

Watch Dogs_Game

Next week is going to be a big week for gaming, especially for the latest batch of consoles from Sony (NYSE:SNE),  Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT), and Nintendo (NTDOY.PK). The biggest games of the month will be coming out — and one may even be the biggest game of the year so far.

1. Watch Dogs

May 27 (Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, PC)

Watch Dogs isn’t just the biggest game of the week, but easily the biggest game of the month. Heck, it might even be one of the biggest games of the year. The action-stealth-hacking game was slated for much earlier, but Ubisoft wanted to make sure it worked out all the kinks and released the best version of the game it could. Coming out for all major platforms — except Nintendo’s — will ensure it has a massive distribution, not to mention that it already has over three-quarters of a million pre-orders in the U.S. alone, according to VGChartz. The game looks to play like a cross between Grand Theft Auto and Splinter Cell, with a touch of hacking added to the mix for all sorts of new gameplay, not to mention the special multiplayer modes.

2. The Sly Collection

May 27 (PS Vita)

The sneaking action-adventure game that was collected for high-quality release on the PS3 is now headed to the hand-held PS Vita. The collection, which includes three Sly Cooper games, already has great reviews on Gamespot for its PS3 version, so the Vita version shouldn’t fall too far behind. Though the handheld device doesn’t perform quite like the console — an unfortunate reality for any that bought the Vita version of Borderlands 2 — it may do well enough for the Sly games, which weren’t originally designed for the high-end console anyway. Expect plenty of swinging, swiping, and stealing from this collection.

3. Ace Combat Infinity

May 27 (PS3)

The over-the-top dog-fighting game is coming out in its latest iteration: a free-to-play online game for the PS3. Expect missiles and bullets to be flying, and a wide array of jets to choose from and fight against. Previous games in the Ace Combat franchise have been quite well reviewed, and this next installment shouldn’t fall short, especially with the $0 price tag. With a solo campaign as well as online co-op, there will be plenty of miles of open sky for players to enjoy, whether they want to do it alone or with friends.

4. Slender: The Arrival

May 28 (Xbox 360)

If horror games are your thing, look no further than Slender: The Arrival. The mythology of the Slender Man was popularized by the Web, and the creep-factor was intense enough that someone decided they’d make a game of it. Playing on the natural fright created by dark environments with limited vision and limited light, the game kept the Slender Man hidden while it built up your anticipation and fear. The popularity was enough to spawn even more Slender Man games, with successively improved visual quality and frights. This latest version is already out on the PC — and well reviewed by Gamespot – and should be a fair port to the Xbox 360. Expect to be looking over your shoulder regularly as you explore dark woods, deep mines, and empty homes while the faceless Slender Man pursues you.

5. Monochroma

May 31 (WiiU, PS4)

As the title suggests, Monochroma is not a colorful game. But what it lacks in color, it adds in artistic style and an interested play of light and dark — and red. The game doesn’t have a spoken story, but follows the player as he adventures through a dystopian world carrying his younger sibling. Expect plenty of puzzles related to setting the sibling somewhere safe in the light, while you venture off into the darkness to arrange puzzle pieces so you can proceed while carrying your sibling — who’s a bit too heavy to jump very high with. The game is already available for PC and Mac, but WiiU and PS4 should be just fine for the puzzle platformer.

6. Mario Kart 8

May 30 (Wii U)

After Watch Dogs, this will surely be the second biggest game of the week, and maybe the month. Mario Kart 8 looks to continue all the fast-paced madness of its many predecessors, and it doesn’t look like it will hold back on adding even more madness of its own. Of course we can expect as many far-fetched levels and vehicles as ever plus some new ones, as well as a nice redecoration with higher resolutions and graphics, but there also will be some extra gameplay at work. For one, going around corners isn’t the only place you’ll need to drift, as a new kite dynamic will make you drift through the air. Also added is a magnet hovering for tracks that go around the walls and upside down. The craziness that has made the franchise fun is sure to satisfy in this new installment. Also, for fans, there will finally be a way avoid the tyranny of the blue shell, though you might have to watch out for boomerangs.

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