6 Games Out Next Week: ‘Axiom Verge,’ ‘Neverwinter’ and More

Now that the big games of March are out of the way, with Battlefield Hardline and Bloodborne already on store shelves, we get a break from huge AAA titles next week. Luckily for us, a handful of lower-profile titles are in the pipeline that could be every bit as good as the heavy hitters. Read on to find out which games are launching the week of March 30.

1. Axiom Verge

Releases March 31 for PlayStation 4, PS Vita, and Windows

Nintendo has ignored the Metroid series for several years now, so Tom Happ, the maker of Axiom Verge, has stepped up to deliver what fans want. You play as a scientist who wakes up in a strange world full of sprawling environments, strange enemies, and useful items scattered around. And yes, Happ is the sole creator of this game. He did the art, programming, and music all by himself, which is just plain nuts. If the game turns out to be as good as it looks, that’s quite an accomplishment.

2. Neverwinter

Releases March 31 for Xbox One

Although it doesn’t have the words “Dungeons & Dragons” in the title, Neverwinter is very much a D&D game. It’s a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), so expect an enormous fantasy world, tons of dungeons to explore, enemies to hack through, and missions to complete as you make a name for yourself in the city of Neverwinter. Providing locations and the stat-based backbone of the game is the D&D rulebook. And best of all, it’s free-to-play.

3. Story of Seasons

Releases March 31 for Nintendo 3DS

Not everyone wants to battle evil forces and save the world every time they turn on their consoles. Sometimes it’s nice to kick back with a slow-paced game at the end of a long day. Story of Seasons is a continuation of the Harvest Moon series, which means you take control of a farm, planting and selling crops, and raising a family. Let someone else save the world for once.

4. MLB 15: The Show

Releases March 31 for PlayStation 4, PS Vita, and PlayStation 3

Year after year, this Sony-exclusive series offers up some of the best baseball gaming available on any console. With nearly photorealistic graphics, top-notch game modes, and excellent hitting, pitching, and fielding mechanics, there’s very little not to love for fans of America’s favorite pastime.

5. Toukiden: Kiwami

Releases March 31 for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita

Originally released on the PS Vita, Toukiden: Age of Demons was a game made in the tradition of Monster Hunter, which means you stalk giant beasts and methodically take them down. This update brings that game to the PS4 and also adds a bunch of new content to the package. Although you can transfer an old save to the new game on Vita, it might not be worth buying at full price if you’ve already played the original. On the other hand, newcomers will get dozens of hours of demon slaying for a reasonable price.

6. Paperbound

Releases March 31 for PlayStation 4 and PC

Imagine if old picture books came to life, and you and your friends could use them as settings for silly Smash Bros.-style fights. That’s the premise of Paperbound, a game that puts you and up to three competitors into books like Journey to the Center of the Earth so you can beat each other up. The twist is that players can upend their own gravity at any time, leaping from floor to ceiling to escape (or get the drop on) their opponents. It sounds like a boisterous party game that nearly anyone can enjoy.

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