6 iWatch Rumors Making the Rounds

Source: iWatch Concept by Todd Hamilton

Source: iWatch Concept by Todd Hamilton

Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) Worldwide Developer’s Conference is on the horizon. Some speculate at sometime during this event that the much-rumored iWatch will be announced. To mark the occasion, we’ve put together a list of iWatch iRumors. While many contradict, all prove that Apple has quite a bit of buzz around a product of which the existence is not even official yet.

1. The iWatch will have wireless charging.

This is the latest iRumor to come out via rumors in the Chinese media. As many Apple products are made in Chinese factories, these rumors tend to have a certain air of legitimacy because of their proximity to the source. CNET’s report on the rumor quotes insiders at Chinese company Luxshare, who supposedly sent wireless charging coils to Apple. Officially neither company has confirmed this rumor.

2. The iWatch will have a round face. 

Various artists’ mockups have the iPhone have included a variety of designs. In some the screen is a square similar to an iPod nano. In others it looks circular, more like a regular watch. In some, it is even integrated into the band itself. Apple has provided no confirmation of what the device will look like yet nor its existence in general.

3. The iWatch will include health-monitoring technology.

This rumor has been prompted by Apple’s recent hires from the medical device field, prompting rumors that the iWatch will have heart rate monitoring technology similar to fitness trackers like the Fitbit or Nike FuelBand. Although Apple has made these hires, there is no confirmation of if these professionals are working on the iWatch or another project like Healthbook.

4. The iWatch will be stylish. 

Part of Apple’s reputation is due to the unique styling of its products. However, apparently for the iWatch, Apple is cranking up the style factor by hiring professionals from the fashion world too. While Apple did make these hires, it is unclear if it’s for the iWatch project or if the rest of Apple is getting a style upgrade too.

5. The iWatch will be in production this summer.

Another rumor coming from the media is that the iWatch will go into production this summer, likely to ramp up for a fall launch. As Apple has yet to confirm that the iWatch actually exists, it’s hard to confirm this one. The same source behind the circular design rumor is claiming that production will begin this summer.

6. The iWatch will use iOS 8.

This rumor is hardly surprising considering that Apple products run on Apple’s house-built software, so the rumor that the iWatch will use iOS 8 or higher will likely use whatever version of iOS is out is pretty sensible. Apple’s iOS 8 is expected to be announced next week. Several media outlets consider it a highly likely announcement.

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