6 New Video Game Rumors: ‘Star Wars,’ ‘Watch_Dogs’ and More

It’s been a busy week for video game rumors, so we’ve collected a number of leaks and unverified information about some very high-profile games. We have possible (and even probable) details on Star WarsDisney InfinityWatch_Dogs 2, Microsoft’s HoloLens, and more. If you want to go down the rumor rabbit hole, read on for the details.

Source: Ubisoft

1. Is Watch_Dogs 2 in development?

It doesn’t take a psychic to predict that a sequel to Watch_Dogs is in the works, seeing as the game sold around 8 million copies, making it the second best-selling new IP introduced in 2014 (behind only Destiny). But we haven’t gotten any confirmation on this point from anyone at Ubisoft — until just last week.

That’s when VideoGamer.com happened to notice that someone from Ubisoft’s Paris studio had Watch_Dogs 2 listed on his LinkedIn profile page. Unsurprisingly, the programmer has since removed all mention of the unannounced game. But not before VideoGamer snagged a screenshot.

There’s little doubt that a new Watch_Dogs is in the works, of course. With sales like that game had, Ubisoft would be foolish not to. And in fact, in an interview with Games TM, Jonathan Morin, the original game’s creative director, hypothesized about what might be included in a possible sequel. Morin said:

When you start a new project [and new IP], it’s a blank page and everything you do is what you want to do. With a sequel, there is more pressure to push a brand forward and we now have to appeal to fans in a new way.

We have to give [the development team] something hard to do. If we don’t, they could fade out, which means you don’t benefit from their knowledge or they will leave. Our team is really assimilated with the challenge we have and who knows where it will lead us next.

Despite the talk, however, the game has yet to be officially announced. You just have to read between the lines.

Source: Saturn

2. Disney Infinity Star Wars leaked

Star Wars is popular. Disney Infinity, the company’s line of toys you can “load” into the video game of the same name, is also popular. So it would be no surprise if Disney were to release a line of Disney Infinity characters based on Star Wars.

That appears to be exactly what’s happening, according to a product page on the site of German retailer Saturn. The page has since been removed, but it had a picture of a starter kit for Disney Infinity 3.0, featuring characters from The Clone Wars cartoon series. Check it out above and hope for an announcement soon.

Source: Microsoft

3. Will HoloLens be super pricy?

Microsoft has been slowly unveiling more information about HoloLens, an augmented reality headset that’s currently in development. With the device, which makes it appear as though digital objects exist in the physical space around you, Microsoft promises a bold new take on personal computing. The only problem? According to an article in The New York Times, HoloLens will cost about the same as a powerful laptop — well beyond what you’d pay for an Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

Microsoft is set to show off more of the device’s gaming capabilities at E3 in June, but with a price point upwards of $1,000, it’s sure to be a tough sell for gamers.

The big difference between HoloLens and VR headsets like Sony’s Project Morpheus and Facebook’s Oculus Rift is that HoloLens is a standalone device that won’t need to be tethered to a computer or PS4 to run.

That makes it much more mobile and versatile than its VR competition, but it also means all of the expensive components that power it have to be situated in the headset itself. That means they must be small, which means they’ll cost a lot.

Source: Sony

4. Will Sony unveil a “new online gaming concept” May 13?

Sony just might have big plans for a “new concept for online gaming,” according to a NeoGAF user who claims to have received a press release from Sony Computer Entertainment Italy to that effect. The text of the attached image reads “Are you ready to accept the challenge?” in Italian.

It’s unclear what a new online gaming concept might mean, or why Sony hasn’t made any other announcements if news is in fact imminent. Perhaps the “challenge” it refers to could be some kind of eSports initiative. In any case, we won’t have to wait long to see what, if anything, Sony has planned.

Source: Rare Ltd.

5. Rare to announce a new game at E3?

Once again, a NeoGAF member has spotted a mention of an as-yet-unannounced game in the wild. In a recent Twitter conversation, a creative director for Rare hinted about the company announcing its next game at E3 in June.

No word on what the game is, exactly, but Microsoft’s Phil Spencer has been teasing a new Battletoads project for a while. Battletoads, for you young ‘uns, was an incredibly challenging NES game that came out in 1991.

Source: Bandai Namco

6. Is Tales of Zestria coming to PS4?

The Tales series of Japanese role-playing games has been fairly successful on this side of the pond, putting out nearly a game a year for a decade. The games tend to be standalone adventures about saving the world, with real-time combat that sets them apart from other JRPGs. So far, Tales of Zestria, this year’s installment, is only scheduled to launch on PlayStation 3.

Or at least it was. Best Buy has just created a product page for a PlayStation 4 version of the game, set to release on October 27. Whether it’s a mistake or an accidental reveal of an actual version of the game remains to be seen. But releasing a PS3-only game toward the end of 2015 doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. I bet this one is real.

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