7 Innovative Tech Products to Download or Browse This Week

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Are you on the lookout for the latest app you won’t be able to put down, the next gadget you’ll be itching to get your hands on, or the slickest new tools to make your workday more productive and your downtime even more fun? Then look no further than our favorite site for finding the latest and greatest tech products.

Each week, we review the crowdsourced links posted to a website called Product Hunt, where tech-savvy users post their best finds and discuss the latest apps and gadgets with a growing community of developers, designers, investors, founders, and tech enthusiasts.

The developers and founders of a newly launched product — whether that product comes from a big, established tech company or whether it’s the first hit from a small startup — often chime in to answer questions, offer some backstory on how the product was created, and gather feedback from the early adopters in the community. Somewhere between 600 and 800 venture capitalists reportedly use the site, a great testament to its ability to surface products that would otherwise fly under even the most-connected people’s radars.

We took a look at all of the apps, gadgets, and services posted on Product Hunt last week and chose seven innovative products: apps and gadgets that will help you work smarter, approach your world with a little more creativity, and get more out of the devices and tools you already use.

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DEFQT is an iOS app that enables you to “create entirely new things with your photos and camera.” You can add filters, effects (called “defects”), shapes, and colors; twirl or pixelate photos, make noise from them, and put shapes or sprays over them; and push yourself to look at your images in a different way. The creators of the app took to Medium to share the process of developing the app, which began in August 2013. Co-founder Michael Dolejš tells the community at Product Hunt, “We have lot of unique effects, that you can’t find anywhere else, full image export and great community, that we are taking care of. We are working on more effects all the time and other UI improvements.”

He added, “I think it is possible to create an interesting art with just an app and we are trying to make a tool exactly for that.”

Source: Genius.com

2. Genius Beta

Genius enables you to annotate any text on the Internet and contribute to an “interactive guide to human culture.” You can annotate any webpage by adding the prefix “genius.it/” to its URL, or by using Genius’s Chrome extension, bookmarklet, or iOS app. Co-founder Tom Lehman told the community at Product Hunt: “As you probably know, Genius started as a project to annotate hip-hop lyrics. We’ve since expanded beyond music into annotating all kinds of text. … Now we’re embarking on our biggest challenge yet: annotating the entire Internet and in doing so fulfilling one of the fever dreams of the early web.”

Source: Glitchi.me

3. Glitchi

Glitchi is an iOS app that enables you to privately and securely share photos. Each of your friends in Glitchi has a public and a private key. You lock a message with your friend’s public key and send it to him or her. Once your friend receives your message, he or she unlocks it with the private key. The photo and accompanying message aren’t accessible outside of your and your friend’s phones, and Glitchi doesn’t store users’ private keys on its servers.

The app uses your phone number and Touch ID to validate your iPhone, instead of using passwords or security questions that could be compromised. Founder Rajan Annadurai writes on Product Hunt that the app “was inspired by the celebrity and Snapchat 2014 hacks. We wanted to give people back their right to privacy. We provide a fun way to send secure encrypted messages by glitching the photo or text. Your friend is the only one able to decrypt and unglitch the message with their touch, on their iPhone. For a very special message, you can request TouchID.”

4. Opinion 2

Opinion is an iOS app that enables you to record and edit podcasts on your iPhone or iPad. You can record high-quality audio, edit with a drag and drop tool, and publish your podcast for free. You can set up an RSS feed and a homepage, as well as prepare your podcast for the iTunes podcast directory. Opinion co-founder Tor Rauden Källstigen notes on Product Hunt that “Opinion is the world’s first, and only, podcasting recording-editing-publishing service,” and the company’s website claims that the app’s recording and editing are “As instant as taking a photo. Yet powerful enough to take your story to the next level.”

Source: Something.gd

5. Something Good

Something Good is an iOS app that provides you with a realtime reading list powered by your Twitter stream. The app downloads and saves the articles that people you follow on Twitter are sharing so that you’ll always have something interesting to read, even when you aren’t connected to Wi-Fi or don’t have any signal. You can read the articles you’re interested in and swipe away everything else so that Something Good learns what you like to read. (Swipe right when you read something you liked and swipe left if you didn’t like an article.) The app offers a clutter-free interface without any settings to make reading as easy as possible.

6. Swoosh

Swoosh enables you to control your presentations with intuitive gestures. To try it out, simply download Swoosh’s Android app and select the desktop operating system you’ll be using (Swoosh is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux). Once you have both the smartphone and desktop apps downloaded, connect both devices to the same Wi-Fi network. After starting your presentation in any of the range of compatible platforms, you can swipe left or right 12 inches above the screen to go forward or back in your presentation.

Source: Triggerfox.com

7. Triggerfox

Triggerfox is an iOS app that sends you relevant alerts about the people in your network so that you can connect with them when it matters most. The app enables you to filter out the noise of your social networks while still receiving notifications about job changes, birthdays, news mentions, life events, articles being shared, keyword alerts, and more; take action on alerts by sharing an article, making a network introduction, or setting up a follow-up reminder; and be alerted when an important person in your network mentions a topic that matters to you. Triggerfox will also alert you when you start losing touch with a VIP, and the app organizes all of your contacts into one place.

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